We don’t have an immune system-we have a cleansing and restorative system

Dr Tom Cowan admits he has made some mistakes in his life mainly because he has believed the dominant narrative too much.

So for this reason he thinks that the video called The truth about smallpox by Kate Sugak is so important.

It is one of the best way we can understand the nonsense of virology and epidemics and the use of so- called vaccines to try to end the ‘epidemic’.

The smallpox virus does not exist and just like other feared diseases such as leprosy and the plague has been used to refer to absolutely all diseases including respiratory diseases and cancerous tumours.

When the smallpox vaccine was introduced into Europe a fragmentation of this term occurred with the sickness labelled as measles, chicken pox and monkey pox and more. You never diagnose smallpox again once the vaccination has been rolled out.

Smallpox virus does not exist but is the result of toxic substances and a consequence of poisoning. Poverty, malnutrition, exhaustion, psychological trauma, water and food contamination are some of the reasons for the rash referred to as smallpox. But the truth is that skin rashes are the result of a detoxification process that involves the skin.

The COVID 19 pandemic was created by reclassifying the respiratory symptoms that used to be listed under separate terms into COVID 19. Then when you roll out the vaccine you split them into different diseases such as monkey pox.

Pandemic ended.

This video gives the best description of what really makes us sick.

Amazing. If you are short on time start at 44 minutes to get the heart of the matter.

Watch these this videos for a greater understanding

The Truth about Smallpox

Kate Sugak

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4 replies

  1. i’m generally not that bothered with the virus or no debate. always assuming that terrain is the important part but this makes more sense than average. many anti virusers get quite fanatical at times.

  2. The promotion of Kates’s video reflects poorly on much of your work. The video invites the tag “conspiracy theorist” and harms the health reform movement.

  3. Sadly folk do not read what the Inventor of the MRNA Gene Therapy says about the misuse of his invention for this “virus”. Amazingly folk know more about “viruses” and so-called “vaccines” than Dr Robert Malone!

    • Thank you for your comment Robin, I thought I was the only person who couldn’t quite agree with or understand Dr. Malone. To me he appears to run with the hares & hunt with the hounds.

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