Autism-not born with it

The hepatitis B vaccine was originally developed for older children but it’s too toxic for them so they give it to newborns who don’t have developed immune systems.

Such facts are very hard to bear. So is the rest of Theresa Deisher’s lecture.

Many vaccines are manufactured using human foetal cell lines. Dr Deisher’s work has led her into the science of vaccines and autism.

Over the past twenty years money and effort has been put into chasing genetic causes of autism but this has misled people to assume that this is an inherited disease

It turns out that these autistic children have hundreds of de novo mutations – these are mutations that their parents do not possess. Therefore not an inherited disease. This means that there is an environmental trigger for autism. About 60% of children on the autism spectrum have one or more mutation that is new. These mutations can interfere with gene or protein function.

Other work has been done on the immune systems of children with autism revealing abnormal immunity. In 40% of the children studied they had immunity to human DNA that other children do not have.

We have two classes here: We have de novo mutations caused by environmental triggers and a bizarre immune response to human DNA

Autism-not born with it

Dr Deisher discusses a study called Autologous Cord Blood Infusions are Safe and Feasible in Young People with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Read study here: 

They took 25 children on the autism spectrum who had banked umbilical cord blood…they thawed the umbilical blood and infused it into the veins of these children

What happened was that two-thirds of these children responded with improvement in their symptoms and 15% responded dramatically

What this research proves was that the majority of children with autism spectrum disorder were not born with it.










If most children with autism are not born with it then there must be an environmental trigger. Before 1980 autism in the community was very low maybe 2 in 10,000 children and it was from an inherited genetic mutation. After 1980 there was a rise in autism and another one rise after 1989 and again in 1996.

Change Points

Change points in a disease mean it is not genetic. Genetic diseases cannot possibly rise at these rates because genetic diseases are passed from parent to child. Change points point to environmental triggers

What was the primary trigger to cause these changes in autism numbers?

We had changes in our manufacturing of our vaccines. We switched from using animal cells to using human foetal cells to make vaccines Why did the pharmaceutical companies switch? Because they thought they could make more money










From the photo above you can see that the first change point was when MMR 11 was switched from animal to human foetal cells.

The second change point was when there was increase in MMR vaccination rates to over 80% in one year. They also added a second dose of MMR and around the same time a human foetal polio vaccine was introduced.

The last change point was when the chicken pox vaccine was introduced. This vaccine is heavily contaminated with debris from the human foetal cell line. The rates of autism rose very high at this point. Foetal manufactured hepatitis A vaccine accounted for another jump in rates.

In the last 7-8 years the onset of autism has gone from average of 18 months to 8 or 9 months. We may well be giving our children autism at younger and younger ages because of the contaminates that we are injecting into our children when we inject them with these vaccines.

Why are these foetal manufactured vaccines a problem?

There are high levels of contaminants left in the vaccine. When the vaccine is manufactured using a chicken cell there are chicken contaminants and we recognise this as non human and it is eliminated from our bodies. However when the cell line used is from human foetal material this is human and we don’t eliminate the same species fragments from our body.

More of the ramifications of these foetal manufactured vaccines in this video.


There are two possibilities:

An immune response-causing an autoimmune disease

Insertional Mutagenesis

This is where the DNA fragments can insert into the genome of the child and cause mutations and problems. There are many papers that look at the genome of children who develop autism and these children have hundreds of de novo mutations which are mutations their parents do not have. Causes of these mutations are environmental exposures such as radiation, toxins and foreign DNA exposure.

So how do we prove the connection between these vaccines and autism? This happened rather naturally in what is known as the Wakefield scare.

In 1998 Andrew Wakefield published his paper suggesting the MMR vaccine was associated with autism. MMR vaccine rates went down almost immediately in the UK and a couple of the Scandinavian countries. As we know Wakefield was wrongly discredited and MMR rates of vaccination went back up.

The result was that autism rates fell during the time that vaccination rates decreased and as the rates of vaccination rose again so did the level of autism.

Dr Deisher calls for the removal of human foetal manufactured vaccines. This is imperative.

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