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I often wonder if this is where the vaccinators will find me when they come looking for me. Seeking a hiding place in some forest away from those hellbent on injecting me. I will not have the shot under any circumstances.

The intent of this old picture could be now but is clearly of an earlier time. The masked officer has found his prey attempting to hide among the roots of the ample tree. I imagine they represent a group of resisters escaping the early 20th century vaccine enforcers.

COVID injections are not vaccines

As Sucharit Bhakdi MD, an award-winning researcher states:

The world is being turned into an animal experiment; the vaccine is bound to fail

You are going to plant the seed of autoimmune reactions

There’s a lot riding on the public’s acceptance of these injections. However they are not really vaccines.

a vaccine for this is a misnomer. It is not a vaccine. It is an intermediary product which leads to the production of a protein that generates a so-called “vaccine”… and it is genetic engineering that has never been tested out in human beings before. And if it causes a problem a year, two years, five years down the line, and it has already been given to billions of people worldwide, it’s too late. You can’t take it out, you can’t switch it off, you can’t stop it. It’s in there.— Andrew Wakefield, MD

I just listened to former FEMA operative Celeste Solum and David Icke again. I have copied down what she said about the hydrogel nanotechnology in the vaccines. Chilling! Once injected into the body the hydrogel self assembles and swarms through body. In it are are 33 different classifications of robots each with a different mission, a payload deployed into your body. This is scaleable: It can target one cell or organ. It could target a particular religion etc. In some of these robots are clamps and levers which hold up your cells until they are swallowed up. The hydrogel swarms and crosses blood brain barrier and takes over the brain. Brain becomes glue. When hydrogel assembles it grows and harvests body fluids, sucking out all the moisture. We wither as it grows and we are no longer human. The biological cell dies. Some of the test kits contain small amounts of the hydrogel. They are also aerosolising this gel and working on putting it into our food. It is already in the air and they are making hydrogel masks as well. Evil has no bounds.

Plan to roll out vaccines

I read on the internet the other day that the following is possibly how they will dole out the injections.

One for the elderly, see ya later

One for the over 45s, make you sick and pharma dependent and early death

One for 15-40 year olds to sterilize

One for kids and Health Workers etc, mild because we still need them as Slaves as they get older

There are real reasons to be fearful but not over a virus that has not ever been isolated. This injection is a bioweapon.

They have thought of everything, but they didn’t count on good people all over the world.

It’s up to us to spread the word or else we might find ourselves hiding in the bushes and herded off to concentration camps.

Courage everyone

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  1. Hello Helen, I have been watching the two people you mentioned and a CELESTE SOLUM. She used to work for FEMA and now lives on a small farm. There are some people, close friends of mine who probably will take the dreadful vaccines. I pray they do not. The other day in a newsletter I get from there was an article headed SOME MEN MAY WANT TO CONSIDER FREEZING THEIR SPERM PRIOR TO VACCINATION. A nurse in Portugal and a doctor in Miami both lost their lives after taking a vaccine. A Mexican doctor lost the use of his legs. Take care.

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