Lockdowns, Masks and the Law

Such an amazing presentation by Serene Teffaha who joined Molly from Health Australia Party to discuss Government restrictions and mandatory interventions. It gave me some sorely needed hope that this coronavirus scam-demic and the illegality of the restrictions imposed on us particularly in Victoria may be exposed.

Serene explains the Biosecurity Act 2015 and its powers in response to the coronavirus hysteria. Five months into the chaos she asks:

Is it still a nationally significant risk? What have we learnt? What do we know about this virus?

What is the biosecurity Act?

The Biosecurity Act 2015, an Act of the Parliament of Australia which manages biosecurity risks in Australia was enacted on 16 June 2015. The 2015 Biosecurity Act aims to manage biosecurity threats to human, animal and plant health.

In early March the Australian government announced its intention to use powers under the Biosecurity Act in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Five months later lockdowns, quarantine orders, and now the mandatory wearing of face masks in the state of Victoria remain in place.

How is a human biosecurity emergency declared?

From Serene

The governor general may declare that a human biosecurity emergency exists if the health minister is satisfied that a listed human disease is posing a severe and immediate threat or it’s causing harm to human health on a nationally significant scale and the declaration is necessary to prevent or control listed emergency disease

We need to ask:

When is a disease classified as posing a serious threat of harm?

What the act also said was:

You can’t bring  a risk to zero, so don’t try to do that. That is not a realistic thing to do

On March 18 it was determined that the uncertainty necessitated an emergency. But it is now 4-5 months on and these powers are still in place and now include the mandatory wearing of face masks in the state of Victoria. Insanity is the only word for how this massive fear mongering exercise has been orchestrated.

Questions we need to have answered:

Is it still a nationally significant risk?

What have we learnt?

What do we know about this virus?

What is the causal fatality rate?

The causal fatality rate It is 1.38% which is very low.

Serene asks:

Would this very low causality rate satisfy the terms of the legislation?

In fact can we understand how these powers operate?

What can the health minister do and what can’t he do?

What has taken place is that instead of the federal health minister organising appropriate measures on the federal level this power has been outsourced to the states and territories which are actually acting against what the biosecurity act says.

For according to the act certain requirements can only be set on a group of people when it comes to:

a) The movement of persons and goods and conveyances when entering or leaving a specified place

b) In regard to the movement of persons and goods and the restriction in terms of that movement and evacuation

c) You can only give directions to a group of people in relation to general things such as close of business

The act prevents telling a group of people to do certain things such as what is happening now.

Mask wearing, vaccination, isolating, detaining and mandating treatments unless you issue an individual with the appropriate biosecurity control order.

You cannot just say that all of us have to be isolated , vaccinated or that you must wear masks.

What the act does say is what you must do is follow strict processes that are set to preserve the human rights and to ensure that the only basis that you can issue a biosecurity order is the following:

It can only be done by a chief human biosecurity officer

and only if the officer is satisfied of the following:

the individual has one or more signs or symptoms of of the listed human disease

the individual has been exposed to the listed human disease

or another individual who has one or more signs or symptoms

They can’t just say that we collectively need to be vaccinated or isolated or wear masks.

Please watch this brilliant presentation and there is much more that I have not included here.

Take away message is:

We should not be isolated in our homes when we are well. There should be no mandatory directive that the public wear masks every time they are out of their homes. This was not the intention of the Biosecurity Act 2015.

Thanks to lawyers such as Serene these unjust powers are being exposed.

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