Our new world order

Victorian children will return to school in two weeks time. Asked in a radio interview how long social distancing and other precautionary measures would be in place a school principal replied ‘until there is a vaccine’.

Can you imagine mandatory coronavirus vaccines for everyone? Just think about this prospect. Of course this is the ultimate conclusion to the coronavirus scam. And it is a scam. But will the world wake up in time?

There are small signs the world is slowly awakening.

Last Sunday around 300 Victorians broke out of their social distancing confines and took to the streets. What started out as a peaceful rally with speeches on the folly of the lockdown, the injustice of forced vaccination and the dangers of 5G technology quickly turned into a stampede by cops. No doubt, a warning to others to stay home.

I do not think there is a virus to be afraid of at all. I know that many will disagree with me but there it is.

What is this new disease which has no particular new symptoms? Coronavirus patients typically present with a fever and cough-very common symptoms.

The virus has not been isolated

How do we know that these symptoms are caused by an infection?

Koch’s postulates, the standard by which scientists and doctors have long determined infectious diseases have not been applied in this case of COVID 19.

If you have a set of symptoms: high fever, rash, stiff neck, and are sicker than you’ve ever been and nothing is done you will die in a few days for example, in the case of meningococcal meningitis

If you examine the blood of all the people with meningococcus then 100% of them will grow out the bacteria meningococcal in their blood

No normal people will have this growing in their blood because having this disease in their blood is not compatible with life

When you take meningococcus and purify it and then you inject it into another person or animal, 100% will get sick and have same symptoms

You can do this with a virus as well. This is how we prove there is an infective agent.

So what should have happened with this new coronavirus?

According to Thomas Cowan:

When it was discovered that there were many people with a new set of symptoms the authorities should have called up a virologist or an organisation such as the CDC to inform them of the possibility of a new disease and request that they find the cause.

In this case these people with COVID 19 don’t have particularly unusual symptoms. They have low grade fever and a dry cough. This set of symptoms is fairly common however.

What should have happened next is that these people with the new set of symptoms were examined to see if they all have millions of copies of this new coronavirus in their blood and lung tissue. According to Cowan this did not happen.

They did examine their sputum and found what they stated was a coronavirus as well as other viruses, debris and proteins. They said the virus they saw was a new virus. But they failed to demonstrate that these sick people had millions of copies of this new virus in their blood or lung tissue. They should have taken a similar number of normal people without the symptoms around the same age and health status to see if they had this particular coronavirus in their blood or secretions. The result should be zero. As far as Cowan knows this was not done.

This is a real problem. They did not attempt to purify the virus

Instead what they did was to take the respiratory secretions containing the ‘new’ virus along with other viruses and toxic stuff and put it down that throat of some poor animals. Some became sick but not all of them. Then they used mice but because they did not all become ill they used some genetically defective mice and these got sick.

I believe the sick and dying comprise a couple of cohorts: Those who are ill and have respiratory diseases and other chronic conditions are being labelled as dying from this ‘virus’; then it is possible that many of these purported cases of the virus have been affected by the recent rollout of 5G.

5G interacts with oxygen molecules and functions leaving the body less able to absorb enough oxygen to supply the body’s needs. It also causes symptoms similar to what are regarded as those of the coronavirus.

Radio spectrum radiation

Is it possible that many of these ill people are actually reacting to radio spectrum radiation? Could the effects of 5G be weakening the immune systems of the ill making them susceptible to viral infections?

As we know that first outbreak of the coronavirus began in Wuhan, China. 5G had been turned on in Wuhan in November 2019. Could this have something to do with this first outbreak of illness. Coupled with rising rates of pollution in the industrialised cities of China as reported in 2018.

The foul air of dozens of fast-expanding cities across China contains cocktails of toxic contaminants unprecedented in the range of pollutants they contain at high concentrations. Now, new research into these swirling maelstroms of gases and tiny particulates suggests that they may be incubating chemical reactions that compound the health effects in ways not seen before – effects that doctors say are cutting five years off the expected lifespan of half a billion people in northern China.

China has the world’s most dangerous outdoor air pollution. The country emits about a third of all the human-made sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and particulates that are poured into the air around the world.

In July 2019 Wuhan residents took to the streets to protest pollution and the construction of a waste-to-energy plant in the district.

Wuhan’s city message board contains several complaints about smells emanating from the landfill currently located in Yangluo, as well as concerns about the construction of the new landfills.

It is not hard to see that this hazardous level of air pollution would be injurious to respiratory health. Then there is the fact that the Diamond Princess cruise ship was fitted out with 5G satellite communication antennas on board.

Ultimately, 381 passengers and crew members became sick, and 14 died.

Possibly these passengers had chronic diseases and along with the effects of the cell poisoning from the radio spectrum radiation became unwell with a respiratory illness characterised by fever and cough.

5G is the 5th generation mobile network which enables a new kind of network that is designed to connect virtually everyone and everything together including machines, objects, and devices.

Since the earliest generation of mobile phones, wireless networks have operated on the same radio-frequency bands of the electromagnetic spectrum. But as more users crowd the network and demand more data than ever before, these radio-wave highways become increasingly congested with cellular traffic. To compensate, cellular providers want to expand into the higher frequencies of millimeter waves.

Millimeter waves use frequencies from 30 to 300 gigahertz, which are 10 to 100 times higher than the radio waves used today for 4G and WiFi networks

  5G electro-pollution

It is the largest global cover-up in history for the impact on humans based on technological advancements

A former former senior Vodafone executive explains how 5G affects our bodies.

5G drives calcium ions and other ions into cells causing cell toxicity. Our bodies try to fight this cell poisoning and use proteins from cells to form a virus or exosome. In this way toxins are excreted from the body by way of oral and nasal secretions. Our defence system has kicked in and rids our bodies of the toxicity via a ‘virus’. It is the reaction to the 5G rollout.

COVID 19 and low haemoglobin levels

Haemoglobin disorders are generally not associated with respiratory conditions. But in many of the coronavirus patients they have low haemoglobin levels leading to extremely low levels of oxygen carried around the body. They appear to be starved of oxygen. They do not have fluid in their lungs, their lungs are not whited out on CT scan such as seen in the typical Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) patient.

Dr James Neuenschwander speaking on The Highwire:

We are assuming the problem is in the lungs…If not the lungs what is it?

Could this be more of a blood disease than a lung disorder?

These patients do not present with the same symptoms as those with typical pneumonia. They do not do well when intubated and ventilated. These patients have very low levels of haemoglobin caused when iron is displaced from the heme protein. Haemoglobin is no longer able to carry oxygen to the cells of the body.

According to a recent study 

COVID 19 attacks the 1 beta chain of haemoglobin and captures the porphyrin to inhibit human heme metabolism

There is dissociation of iron from haemoglobin protein and if you don’t have iron in the haemoglobin you are not able to carry oxygen to cells. This is similar to what happens in malaria.

Arthur Firstenberg author of The Invisible Rainbow explains that in other “influenza” epidemics there have been radical change in the electrification of the earth immediately before the outbreaks. For example the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic actually began in the U.S. in early 1918.

It was particularly associated with Naval bases and installations that were the first to install high-intensity radar. The use of worldwide radar signals grew exponentially, and along with this expansion, the pandemic spread rapidly around the world, even appearing in places that had no contact with infected travellers. In other words, it appeared on naval ships and ports at identical times, essentially proving that an infectious or contagious aetiology was impossible. Read more here

Time will tell if what we are witnessing is another example of an infectious disease being blamed for electro-magnetic radiation (EMF). Such convenient roll outs have been going on in Melbourne and no doubt other parts of the country during the imposed lockdown. We need to keep our minds open to other causes of this strange illness and the agenda that is no doubt being put in place.

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