COVAX human experimental trials

Victorian Aged Care residents are likely to be the unwitting recipients of an experimental COVID vaccine.

Cheltenham Manor described as offering Low Care, Ageing in place, is situated in Cheltenham, a south-east suburb of Melbourne. The owner of the facility, Brett McMahon who wants the vaccine to come through as soon as possible, has spoken to Nikolai Petrovsky, the developer of COVAX-19. See more on this on YouTube

The developers of the COVAX-19 vaccine is Adelaide-based company Vaxine, which has laboratories at Flinders University.  Phase 1 trials of the vaccine have begun at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

From MSM:

A leading South Australian vaccine is showing promising signs it “could actually save lives”, and the developers of the vaccine say it could safely be used in human immediately.

The first stage of human trials of the vaccine, known as covax-19, have almost wrapped up, and vaccine developer Professor Nikolai Petrovsky says there’s no reason it can’t be used in Victorian aged care homes now.

“We have something that we believe already has shown it can potentially save lives,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“Obviously, we’re still under the clinical trial phase but there’s no reason those trials couldn’t be extended to nursing homes in Victoria, just as we’re currently doing in South Australia.

“From there we will look to commence phase II and III trials straight away,” the company’s chairman told the paper. “The follow-on trials will need to go broader into the elderly and people with chronic disease, because they’re the most vulnerable to COVID infection.”

This experimentation on nursing home residents will possibly include the residents of Cheltenham Manor. Mind you this facility unlike many others in Victoria has had no cases of COVID but ‘the fear is through the roof’.

The COVAX-19 Vaccine

COVAX-19 is made from a synthetic protein using a plant sugar, and is based on an earlier SARS-1 coronavirus vaccine that they say proved effective in animal models.

‘We insert the gene for the spike protein from COVID-19 into insect cells that are grown in culture and secrete the synthetic protein into the broth in which the cells live. We then purify the protein from the broth to make it extremely pure and then mix this with some plant-based and synthetic sugars to make the vaccine.’

But where are the nursing home deaths?

Have a read of these figures:

Deaths registered in Victoria July 2020: 3,561.

Deaths registered in Victoria July 2019: 4,102

So in July 2019 there were 541 more registered deaths than in July 2020.

Keeping in mind over the past six months 351 deaths have been attributed to Covid in Victoria, also consider these monthly death statistics via place of death:

April 2020:  Hospital 617  Nursing home 1,591  Usual residence 1,181

Other 196  Total 3,585

May 2020:   Hospital 556  Nursing home 1,380  Usual residence 1,037

Other 298  Total 3,271

June 2020:   Hospital 593  Nursing home 1,418  Usual residence 943

 Other 172  Total 3,126.

Where’s the fire? Why the lockdowns?

The Victorian lockdown is based on the usual or slightly lower deaths than 2019.

The whole coronavirus disaster is a scam. Those dying in nursing homes most likely have the flu just as other years. As we have seen this year there have been no reported flu deaths. Very strange when last year 900 people died from the flu. Are we just replacing annual flu deaths with COVID?

Where is the pandemic? Why is Victoria in stage 4 lockdown causing panic and mayhem. Why is there a curfew here from 8pm to 5am?

But never mind don’t let the truth get in the way of a false pandemic. But then there’s a bigger agenda in play.

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  1. Is it possible for you to do a five year overall death tally for Australia using the first six months of each year to compare death totals over that time. This was done in Germany and this year’s overall death totals for the first six months was the 4th least of those five years- no pandemic.

  2. Why not use CytoSolve molecular systems analysis instead of humans to trial this? Anything given the CytoSolve tick of approval is ACTUALLY fully safe and FIT for the PURPOSE stated. Dr V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai is the modern day Einstein who developed this in 2012. FDA (director) endorsed as the “Future of 23rd Century medicine”. No animal trials, no human trials required. Fast. Effective.

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