What if coronavirus is not contagious?

...Part of the trouble is that excitement of the chase leaves little room for reflection. And there are grants for producing data, but hardly any for standing back in contemplation. — John Maddox, a former editor of Nature, the world’s oldest scientific journal.

This insane fear of a virus has happened before of course. Whenever there is a new disease, whether it exists or not, scientists and medical experts seek a cure. They have to bring any perceived disorder under their control.

Professor Peter Duesberg considers this situation in Inventing the Aids Virus. Duesberg states that when there is a new outbreak of a disease or condition there is a responsibility to find the real cause for the epidemic.

First we need to decide whether it is contagious. Is it an infectious agent such as a microbe or a virus or some noninfectious cause such as poor diet or some toxic substance present in the environment?

He points out that a contagious disease must be attended to in a different manner to a noncontagious one. Or else…

Unnecessary public hysteria, inappropriate prevention measures, and toxic therapies are the price for misidentifying a noncontagious disease for one that is contagious.

This is playing out right now in all our lives.

In Australia thousands of workers have found themselves suddenly unemployed in the economic downturn caused by the so-called pandemic.

All Australians have now been told to leave their homes only to shop for food or other essential supplies, to seek medical care, to exercise under public gathering rules or for work and education if these cannot be conducted remotely.

And what has the whole world been shut down for exactly? A virus?

Well supposedly. However forget everything you think you know about viruses and bacteria then we might just get to the truth of this immense disaster.

Michael O’Bernicia has published a post on the true nature of viruses and virology called The Deception of Virology & Vaccines | Why Coronavirus Is Not Contagious

The science of virology is based upon the study of viruses. However, no real footage of viral activity exists (except for a recently released (2018) short footage of an HIV virus which shows merely 20% of the virus theory process).

The True Creation of Viruses

Science falsely claims that viruses replicate themselves. In reality, it is the cell itself that is producing the virus.

Notice how viruses are manufactured by a healthy cell but do not destroy it.

RNA and/or DNA is given by the host cell to dissolve specific substances within the body. If this were not the case, the virus would destroy the cell which created it, but it does not.

The virus is ejected, damaging part of the cell, but not destroying it completely. The cell is then able to repair itself in time.

Cells conspire as one unit to cleanse themselves and their surroundings so that new cellular activity can thrive.

Large amounts of viral activity are present when the body is unable to use milder living microbial detoxification methods to cleanse itself due to systemic toxicity of tissues that poison living microbes.

Coronavirus is a respiratory virus manufactured by cells in the lungs and respiratory areas to cleanse themselves of systemic toxicity. Viruses are nothing more than proteins that cleanse. The same is true about cancer.

And as to the testing regime for this ‘deadly viruses raging our world.

The tests do not work.

People are tested for any strain of coronavirus. Not for COVID-19

The Mickey Mouse test kits being sent out to hospitals, at best, tell analysts you have some viral DNA in your cells. Which most of us do, most of the time. It may tell you the viral sequence is related to a specific type of virus – say the huge family of coronavirus. But that’s all. The idea these kits can isolate a specific virus like COVID-19 is nonsense.

Are you feeling sick when you read that our world has been turned upside down because of this deception that is virology.

 This post goes to the heart of virology and vaccination itself and what vaccination is propped up by – the entirety of virology and vaccine science is predicated on one thing—that viruses are infectious agents that cause disease.

Meanwhile Australian are being strongly urged if not coerced into getting flu shots this year. In Victoria flu shots will be mandatory for all hospital workers from next year and from May 1, 2020 any visitor to a nursing home will have to be up to date with their influenza vaccination.

This is an extraordinary time and all for a virus that may not be contagious. But there is much more going on.

How might those in power benefit from such chaos? Explore that thought. This confusion has led to the coronavirus ‘outbreak’ and the resulting fear and chaos which surrounds this manufactured and blown out of proportion event.

This virus is obviously being used to institute police state style laws and measures around the world and these will only increase if the majority do not wake up to the lies surrounding the nature of viruses and disease.

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