Breaking the Spell

Breaking the Spell: The Scientific Evidence for Ending the COVID Delusion by Thomas Cowan MD is a must – read .

In this short booklet Cowan states that ‘we are faced with two divergent futures. The first is a future based on the biology of water, which is the evolutionary path intended for us by our creator. The second future is based on the properties of quartz, an “in silico” future. This will be a future in which the very essence of what it means to be a human being, the very essence of life itself, will be computerized, controlled, manipulated and surveilled.’ And that this ‘“in silico” path rests on a massive delusion, one that we must overcome.’

Cowan and his colleagues Andrew Kaufman, MD, and Stefan Lanka, PhD continue to speak out and explore ways of making the science around COVID-19 as clear as possible.

They stand behind what they know to be correct: ‘The SARS-CoV-2 virus has not been shown to exist, which, of course, means that “COVID-19” cannot possibly be caused by this imaginary virus.’

In Chapter One Cowan asks:


Cowan and his friends have in their possession sixty statements from governmental institutions from all over the world confirming that they have no examples of SARS-CoV-2 being isolated directly from any human being. They also have information from some of the lead authors of the most important papers on the “isolation and purification” of SARS-CoV-2, who agree that they never attempted to obtain the virus directly from any fluid of any sick person. They also possess in-person communication with a number of virologists which confirms that no pathogenic virus can be isolated from any bodily fluid of any sick person. They simply say that is not the way the science is done.

Cowan takes us through the steps that ought to be taken to isolate and purify a virus

First, you take a sample of whatever fluid you wish to examine.

Then, you macerate it (as in a blender) and filter the sample through a filter paper that allows anything soluble, including any particle the size of a virus, to pass through the paper. After discarding the cells, fungi and bacteria, you put the remaining fluid on something called a “sucrose density gradient,” which separates it into bands by molecular weight. This process is called ultracentrifugation. With ultracentrifugation, the virus in question spins out into a band. The band can then be extracted from the gradient with a micro-pipette and checked for purity. In this way, you can confirm that the only thing in the band is the virus. You can then study the virus, determine its exact morphology and sequence its entire genome. Most importantly, you can then expose test animals to this isolated, purified virus to see whether they get sick. These steps are the way science is supposed to work. Yet this simple, doable experiment has never been successfully done for even one so-called viral disease, and it has certainly never been attempted for COVID-19 and SARSCoV-2. Not even once.

Cowan states that if they haven’t isolated the virus how can virologists claim that it exists. And if the existence of SARS-CoV-2 has never been scientifically proven there is no way they can say this virus causes COVID-19. And if the virus has not been proven to exist then what are the COVID tests looking for.

This question also points to an important corollary which is to understand how COVID testing has been manipulated to implement government measures that have done great harm to the peoples of the world.

The RT-PCR test

It was German virologist Christian Drosten and his research team who came up with the initial primer sequences to be used in the RT-PCR test for COVID-19.

A quote from their paper stated:

We aimed to develop and deploy robust diagnostic methodology for use in the public health laboratory setting without having virus material available.

This sentence means that Drosten and his group set the global standard for SARS-CoV-2 testing, yet they admit they never had the virus itself to work with.

The developer of the PCR test Kary Mullis warned that this test was not to be used for diagnosis and yet that is what has been used for over two years. It is very problematic in that the number of cycles used determines the percent of positives and negatives. PCR tests performed with twenty five or less cycles are likely to be negative and if cycles are over forty most people will test positive.

‘As incredible as this admission sounds, this is standard practice in modern virology,’ says Cowan.

So here we have this PCR test that was not meant to be used for diagnosis but has been exclusively relied on to proclaim humans all over the world ill from a virus that does not even exist. Cowan reminds us that in order to test for a virus you must have isolated and purified and its entire genome sequenced first.

Because the Drosten group admitted it was working only from “in silico” (theoretical) models of the virus and its genome, there can be no proof that any of their primer sequences actually came from SARS-CoV-2. This admission invalidates the entire test.

The implications of this feature of the PCR process are clear. If any tyrant wanted to show that there was a “viral pandemic,” all they would have to do is increase the cycle numbers to more than 40.

For the past few years the author has been trying to work out what human beings are made of. He believes that this question must be answered in order for us to answer this next important question

If it’s not a virus, then why do people get sick?

For Cowan “COVID” is many things, but fundamentally, it is a crisis of how we see biology; that is how we view life. We have two clear paths ahead of us. Which one humanity chooses will determine our future.

Cowan discusses water and its vital role in human biology:

Water’s role is to collect all the influences from the world—some chemical, some hormonal, some wavelengths of light, some thoughts, some feelings, some resonance frequencies from other living beings—and organize them into a coherent whole. We are the coherent whole.

Life cannot exist without proteins the physical building blocks necessary for structure detoxification and other bodily reactions. They include enzymes, hormones, “neurotransmitters,” structural proteins like collagen, and antibodies.

And here rises another question. Where do these proteins come from?

Answering this questions brings us to ‘the essence of the split between the old versus the new biology’ and the essence of the “covid” plot.’

The old-biology answer is that all proteins are coded for by a specific segment of our DNA, which is called a gene.

But there is a much simpler answer to the origin of proteins.

The water is presented with an idea, a thought, an intention, or, in more scientific language, an aspect of consciousness. Through its living-crystal structure, the water senses this idea—this aspect of consciousness—and “collects” the free amino acids that are always dissolved in the cytoplasm of the cell or in the “body” of the watery syncytium. Using no blueprint other than water’s remarkable ability to translate energy into matter, it creates this new protein to carry out its life tasks.

Disease, on the other hand, occurs as a result of any breakdown of this system. It could be that the signals from the outside are toxic, destructive or directly harmful to the coherence of your body’s water. An example is constant exposure to abusive language, threats, demands, lies or fear-inducing messages. This energetic input will shape the body’s water into an incoherent crystalline structure.

This coherent water acts like a radio receiver, translating the broadcasted wavelengths of the world into proteins to structure our bodies and to create our life. Disease is an out-of-tune radio. If we dissolve toxins such as glyphosate, cyanide, arsenic and deuterium in our water, we distort it and make it hard for us to hear the music of the spheres, the sounds of the world.

Our body, in its inherent wisdom, uses warmth to dissolve this distorted crystalline water and then uses mucus to flush out the toxins. Unfortunately, we call this “sickness.” It is not. It is the road to the restoration of our health.

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