Australia’s 5G Rollout


Australia is the new testing ground for 26,000 MHZ millimetre wave 5G technology


  •  26,000 MHz (26GHz) are millimeter waves. These pointed signals are sent by laser-like phased array beams
  • 5G is an additional layer of radiation to the 3G and 4G radiating from the same tower at the same time
  • 5G is an important threat to human health. 10,000+ peer reviewed studies show EMF exposure is associated with increased risk of cancer, insomnia, lowered immunity, DNA damage, disruption of cell metabolism, increased anxiety and depression, nose bleeds, dizziness, headaches and long-term memory loss
  • Children are at most risk because they can absorb up to 60% more radiation than adults
  • 5G requires small cell antennas placed at 200 metre intervals along streets


How do you know if 5G (26000 MHz) has been switched on in your area?

1. Go to and search your postcode

2. Check on the address to see what level of 5G radiation you are being exposed to

3. If you are seeing 5G in black at 26000 MHz this means it is already operating and you are being exposed to high-level military-grade technology

4. If 26000 MHz is displayed but 5G is circled in blue it is yet to be turned on but will be upgraded soon

5. Check #wearenotsam for an updated list of locations

Attend council meetings and have your voice heard. The Australian government must halt the rollout of 5G until appropriate safety testing is conducted

For more information:

Flyer for printing


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  1. less stress, more 5 D
    if you have facebook … he’s 500 vids on utube but a few are only on fb.

    Michael Mirdad was live.
    10 April 2020 · ·
    Friday Night Spiritual Insights – 5D versus 5G

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