COVAX human experimental trials

Victorian Aged Care residents are likely to be the unwitting recipients of an experimental COVID vaccine. Cheltenham Manor described as offering Low Care, Ageing in place, is situated in Cheltenham, a south-east suburb of Melbourne. The owner of the facility, Brett McMahon who wants the vaccine to come through as soon as possible, has spoken to Nikolai Petrovsky, the developer of COVAX-19. See more on this on YouTube The developers […]

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The emperer has no clothes!

Little over a month ago I could travel the world but this easter weekend I can be fined for visiting my family, courtesy of the 2015 Biosecurity Act. On 18 March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 outbreak in Australia, the Governor-General declared that a human biosecurity emergency exists. The declaration gives the Minister for Health expansive powers to issue directions and set requirements in order to combat the outbreak. This is […]

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What if coronavirus is not contagious?

…Part of the trouble is that excitement of the chase leaves little room for reflection. And there are grants for producing data, but hardly any for standing back in contemplation. — John Maddox, a former editor of Nature, the world’s oldest scientific journal. This insane fear of a virus has happened before of course. Whenever there is a new disease, whether it exists or not, scientists and medical experts seek […]

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