Dan Andrews Unmasked – a book review

For those in Victoria and others less affected by lock-downs Dan Andrews Unmasked is a must read. Written by Geoff Shaw dubbed “rogue, rorter, rebel and maverick”, the former politician and business man unmasks Dan Andrews, the premier of Australia’s second most populated state.

This book shows us how one man ‘took the world’s most livable city and turned it into the world’s most locked-down city.’

Two weeks to flatten the curve of Covid led to Victorians enduring six lockdowns and spending 263 days under stay at home orders which at the very worst only allowed for people to leave their home once a day for essential supplies and food, and once for one hour of exercise, within a 5km radius. We were prisoners effectively; we were subject to an overnight curfew for six weeks where no-one except those involved in essential services could leave home at all from 9pm-5am each day and those people had to carry a permit.

Every chapter of the book is titled with a word starting with ‘D’; ‘Decent into Madness’ where Shaw takes us through the lockdowns, the arrests , the fines and Andrews’ occasional reassurances that the things such as supermarkets, the banks and bottle shops will remain open. Pity about all the small businesses that were forced to close, the church congregations that could not gather and the children who could not go to school or even visit a playground.

‘Decisive Dan’ is the 48th Premier of Victoria; he was elected to his safe seat of Mulgrave in 2002, and after various ministries became leader of the party in 2010. Andrews had previously graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1996 then becoming an electoral officer for a labor federal member.

Suffice to say his work experience has been very narrow.

Chapter 21 has the title ‘Destroyer’ where we are reminded of how at the last minute and just as Victorian businesses were set for a successful 2021 Valentine’s Day that dream was also taken away as the ‘Dictator of Dread’ cancelled the day locking us down yet again.

What Daniel Andrews and his minions of doom did to Victoria should never be forgotten, which is the point of this book.

Last chapter bears the title Defeated Dan? Shaw asks the questions:

Is Daniel Andrews a bully whose sole objective is a socialist state where he alone is in control? Can the man who governed Victoria during the greatest health crisis in modern history win the next election?

Shaw states that if the information contained in this book is not enough to stop people from voting Andrews back in he just doesn’t know what will.

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