The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and The War Against The Human

Naomi Wolf is the Best Selling Author of The End of America and Give me Liberty

Her latest book is The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and The War Against the Human. 

She has written her new book for the 2049 generation.

In The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and The War Against the Human, Naomi Wolf documents the difficult road we have been forced to travel over the last two years, describing how we have been ‘engaged in a war against vast impersonal forces whom have limitless power over our lives and the freedoms we have taken for granted; how those forces seized upon two years of COVID – 19 panic in sinister new ways…’

Illness, not health, was the message from above with ‘the state assuming the central role.’ So many changes to our way of living, our very privacy, such as having ones temperature taken in front of others.

‘With COVID, we in the modern west were repositioned to being hypothetically unwell.’

Wolf displays great interest in how and why so many complied with the abominable restrictions such as social distancing, quarantining of the well and masking of the general populace.

Surprisingly Wolf admits to being initially terrified as were those in her close circle due to the systematic lying.

‘The powerful go to enormous lengths to control the narrative and in general achieve great success. Recall the media images and discourse:

‘Don’t kill your grandmother with coronavirus’. Meanwhile we learnt how to run zoom meetings and met our friends over computer screens.

Wolf describes the ubiquitous circles and arrows now a regrettable addition to our world. What do they really mean to us?

‘The circles and arrows on the floor were not trivial. They symbolically slashed away our positioning in society as an adult who can be trusted to make a choice.’

Mandating of masks has to be one of the worst manifestations of this current madness and planned chaos. Faces are important. Our days are made miserable when we can’t see a smile. Frowns have replaced the smile on the faces of those who comply. Eye contact has gone along with the usual pleasantries that accompany social interaction.

Wolf discusses the mask mandates and relates her meeting with an Iranian woman who had experienced mask associated trauma:

” Cover your nose! Was exactly the kind of gesture as the one that the morals police would use in demanding that women tug their head covering down over their hair so as to conceal any stray strand that may have escaped.” ” I left Iran and came to America to be free of that kind of thing,” she said furiously.

Wolf cites the case of a small child who is ‘delirious with happiness’ until the local library forces the child to put on a mask. At risk is her happiness and trust of the library which she may go on to associate with ‘trauma not with joy’.

But why did so many people across the world comply and not question these horrendous directives.

Wolf posits her answer:

1945-2020 ‘was a beautiful-aberrant pause in the often horrific timeline of human history. We had taken this for granted, we had become complacent.’

Leaving us with our freedoms taken and lost ‘without any conventional army rolling into any European or North American Street and without a shot being fired.’ ‘It was accomplished by stealth.’

Hitherto quarantining was reserved for those who were ill or possibly so, not the general well populace. But all of that changed with COVID.

“The virus wasn’t the endgame, writes Wolf.

The vaccines were not the endgame. The endgame was to transform our countries”.

Early in May 2020 it became obvious to Wolf that the COVID figures were totally misleading. ‘This was needless scaremongering on an epic scale. Rather than the 309,145 cases in New York State there were in fact 831 cases. In fact the chance of dying a death related to  COVID was 0.3529%. ‘Not much of a scary headline in that’.

Wolf was amazed at the compliance of her friends and colleagues in the face of these insane orders.

Friends who shopped only for organic and avoided sugar and processed meat lined up to have their children injected with mRNA vaccines.

Children have almost zero risk of dying from COVID-19 and yet governments are pushing for toddlers to also have this experimental injection.

‘Intelligent informed people including feminist health activists who were well aware of the pharmaceutical and medical industries’ experimentation on women lined up to take the injections even as women were reporting painful menstrual cycles occurring after the injections.’

‘And when mothers reported that their vaccinated twelve year olds were suddenly getting their two periods a month the feminists were silent’.

The author relates the following conversation reflective of many of her friends attitudes to the crisis:

“Naomi I really respect you and totally agree with what you are saying. But of course I can’t say anything publicly because my boss will get mad at me”.

Meanwhile a ‘new social hierarchy was forming’.

Some people said they refused to sit inside with unvaxxed people and others said they even refused to be outside with unvaxxed persons.

Wolf ponders the evil at play in the world today.

‘I had come to believe that there was more afoot here than just human vanity or culpability or even conventional evil’. How could otherwise nice people have come to do such evil?

How could they have allowed the suppression of young children’s respiration or consigned friends and colleagues to eat in the street like outcasts.’ ‘ We detained those exposed to a ‘contagious disease’ in forcible quarantine without charge or trial and kept people from their jobs.’

‘All of this happened in America’

Who could have envisaged a world where your admittance to family gatherings depended on your vaccination status. Wolf asked her mother if the reason she and her husband had not been invited to a function was because of their vaccination status and her mother replied ‘probably’. ‘People are scared’.

The effects of the pandemic restrictions on children is uppermost in Wolf’s mind: The new normal became working and studying from home and kids ‘tethered’ to a machine.

The author reminds us that school is more than learning a heap of facts and that ‘school provides socialisation and provides learning in small informal groups but all of a sudden all of this had changed.

Wolf states that a study at Brown University and Rhode Island reported the mean IQ score for children born during the pandemic was over twenty points lower than the average of prior generations.

Chillingly Wolf declares the real reason for the restrictions placed upon humanity during the so-called pandemic.

‘They prepare the way for the wholesale theft or transfer of assets.’

‘This war was undertaken by the elites of technology-a strike on humanity’.

We had been complacent and we had believed that the good times would last for ever.

Hard to fathom for as Wolf surmises:

The story of America is that of people fleeing countries with ‘lockdowns’ and restrictions that made them poor, illiterate and miserable.

As is the case in Australia where much of the early opposition to the lockdowns came from migrants of Eastern European backgrounds who had lived under dictatorships and feared what was coming.

Wolf has spent almost a decade in the “tech space”.

She states that ‘human society is the competitor against which it is vital to strategise.

What a digital company wants to do is:

‘Disrupt a human society from which they are profiting. The goal of almost all Tech companies is to gather eyeballs allowing tech companies to sell advertising or data whereby they harvest every keystroke you generate on the site and sell that info to advertisers, insurance agencies, markets etc’.

‘Vaccine passports – the end of human liberty’ – in essence all human experience, fellowship and joy was put behind a pay wall. And your booster every 5 to 8 months.’ ‘Your body is the credit card. It’s what you pay with.’ As Wolf reminds us the passports are the last step in the fight for once people accept these there will be no more resistance. And for those who don’t participate there will be no visits to the supermarket to buy food. By April 2021 two US states were using the passports and by late 2021 citizens of Israel were onto their 4th booster as the ‘definition of vaccinated continued to evolve.

By November 2020 Wolf was aware the rise of many dissidents eager to speak out against the mantra of the killer virus and indeed to question the handling of the ‘outbreak’. She was aware of the Great Barrington Declaration. Drafted by three highly credible epidemiologists they argued for the elderly and vulnerable be supported and the rest of society to get on and live their lives as usual.

These experts were alerting the world that these ‘ locked down States – Nations would do no better than States and Nations that did not lockdown.

Early in 2021 Wolf began interviewing many dissident voices such as Dr Goddek who questioned the PCR test and its capacity to identify COVID-19. He explained that the tests being run at high cycle threshold often resulted in false positives.

Wolf was also becoming aware of healthy young women with menstrual problems beginning after COVID vaccination. Also growing were the numbers of post menopausal women who had begun to bleed again.

Naturally the acclaimed author and activist went public about these appalling adverse effects of these experimental injections with the result that she was labeled a conspiracy theorist and her Twitter account was suspended.

Increasingly more people in her former circles were getting mRNA injections. They boasted about being on ‘Team Pfizer and Team Moderna’. She reports the presence of smiling influencers proudly decaring their band aids all over social media.

It was Nov 2021 and nearly 2 years after the famous ‘ two weeks to flatten the curve’ and we were still in the middle of a pandemic”

‘It made my heart sink. I understood what I was seeing the totalitarianising which has to be a word now if it was not yet of western habits of thought and western patterns of movement’.


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