I’ve watched some dystopian films in my life but few match the reality of our lives in Melbourne, once known as the world’s most liveable city.

Now every day brings more bad news, more developments in the global reset into lockdown for all.

Melbourne is into the second week of its second lockdown destined to last for at least 6 weeks.


We are also under a curfew from 8pm to 5am. Australia has had curfews before as the ABC recalls.

There have been other curfews in Australia, but none quite like this.

At their most egregious they have been a racist tool used against Indigenous Australians to keep them out of cities at night.

Until the 1950s, Aboriginal people were prohibited from being in Perth’s CBD after 6:00pm. Brisbane had a similar policy that came into effect at 4:00pm and on Sundays.

Why are we under curfew? What is going on during this curfew? More 5G installations under the cover of the curfew?

I have heard reports of flights arriving from China laden with telecommunication equipment.

The curfew is a military tactic as is the constant array of helicopters hovering over our suburbs, intimidating us.

Mandatory mask wearing was imposed almost three weeks ago. The majority of the public are compliant and many wear them alone in their cars while driving. Seriously!

Other measures in place to stupidly suppress the virus include

  • Police may now enter anyone’s home without a warrant.
  • $1,652 fine if outside without “a valid reason” – an amount being raised by the day
  • We can’t visit any family or friends.
  • $200 fine for no mask (mandatory masks at all times).
  • Can only exercise once per day, for up to 1 hour.
  • Only one person per household, per day can leave the house (including for groceries).
  • Can’t go more than 3 miles from your home.
  • Weddings are illegal.
  • No gatherings of any size.
  • Army is on the streets fining/arresting people.

How can this be happening on the pretence that a new virus is so very dangerous.

Victoria has a population of over 6 million and there have been just 289 deaths said to be from COVID 19. Total number of COVID deaths for Australia- 375. What makes it even worse is that even that is an exaggeration for most of these deaths are in nursing home residents who have other chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer. We are now hearing that families are being offered huge sums of money to have their relatives’ deaths listed as coronavirus when clearly they have not died from this virus but from their other serious co-morbidities. The stated figure today of confirmed cases is 16,234 but then what is a case? A case is someone who has tested positive to a test that is not able to detect this virus. It does not mean they are sick. Thousands of tests for COVID are done every day with hundreds said to be positive and then deemed to be a case. But are these all sick. Well, No. Only 0.8% of people said to have died from COVID did not have other illnesses. They died from these illness and not from COVID19. And importantly 96.3% who contract the so-called virus will actually survive it.

Every day Premier Andrews and the media front the public with numbers of patients in ICU and heaven forbid on a ventilator. Having worked in intensive care for many years I can tell you that ventilator patients are common. It is not a death sentence by any means. If the virus is anything at all, it is similar to the flu, maybe it is just the flu. Annually hundreds of people die from the flu. Last year there were over 900 influenza linked deaths in Australia. And they have shut down the state of Victoria over 289 ‘COVID’ deaths!

My Uncle Errol, Terminal Cancer, and COVID-19

3 hours after Uncle Errol died of cancer and other chronic conditions Uncle Errol’s family received a phone call from the doctor who suggested that COVID-19 was the primary cause of his death.

Troy Thornton relates in this Instagram post how his uncle recently died from terminal cancer and yet the Doctor wanted to write COVID19 as the primary cause of death on the death certificate because a few days he had tested positive to something.

Australian Government grants $52 million to aged care facilities which will incentivise them to record the elderly dying as COVID to boost their funding.

Beware the fallacy of a COVID19 diagnosis.

If you have a sore throat, no test will be given. You are recorded as COVID.

If you come into contact with someone who has a sore throat you are also listed as COVID.

All of this when your chance of dying if you get sick from the virus is .0065%. That means that 6.5/1000 who catch this and get sick will die.

Mandatory Masks

The compliance on behalf of my fellow Melbournians to this mask mandate is infuriating. To see my neighbours and others including their children, wearing this symbol of suppression and adherence to order is incredible. I actually hate being amongst mask wearing others and keep my own company. The public are led to believe that if they do as they are told the lockdown will end. But will it?

If you think that COVI19 is a real threat to mankind I urge you to do your research and then consider this question.

Can the lockdowns, social distancing, over-testing and mandatory masks be understood without the knowledge of the New World Order? This is not a conspiracy theory. Look up Event 201

UN Agenda 21/2030 Mission Goals

  • One World Government
  • One World cashless Currency
  • One World Military
  • The end of national sovereignty
  • The end of ALL privately owned property
  • Depopulation, control of population growth and population density
  • Mandatory multiple vaccines
  • Universal Basic income (austerity)
  • Micro-chipped society for purchasing, travel, tracking and controlling
  • Implementation of a world Social Credit System
  • Trillions of appliances hooked into the 5G monitoring system (Internet of Things)
  • The end of private transportation, owning cars
  • All businesses owned by government corporations
  • The restriction of nonessential air travel
  • Humans concentrated into human settlement zones, cities
  • The end of irrigation
  • The end of private farms and grazing livestock
  • Restricted land use that serves human needs
  • The ban of natural non synthetic drugs and naturopathic medicine
  • The end of fossil fuels

Who is behind this?

The main people pushing this agenda are the groups that control the world central banking system. Through their power and wealth they have taken control over most governments in the world. They set up organisations such as The World Health Organisation and the United Nations using these organisations they push their agenda throughout the world.

The Plan

Create a false pandemic. Lockdown countries and stop people from working. Destroy small business and make people lose their homes, money and jobs. When the public have no money or food to eat they will accept the government handouts and the implementation of new laws that we would never have accepted.

COVAX-19 vaccine

The current plandemic includes a COVID vaccine. One of the companies in the race for the vaccine is Adelaide-based company Vaxine, which has laboratories at Flinders University. Trials are due soon in Adelaide

Two doses of COVAX-19, or a placebo, will be injected into 40 healthy people between the ages of 18 and 65 at the Royal Adelaide Hospital’s clinical trial unit.

Vaccine search: Australian study moves to phase 2 trials

COVAX-19 is made from a synthetic protein using a plant sugar, and is based on an earlier SARS-1 coronavirus vaccine that proved effective in animal models.

‘We insert the gene for the spike protein from COVID-19 into insect cells that are grown in culture and secrete the synthetic protein into the broth in which the cells live. We then purify the protein from the broth to make it extremely pure and then mix this with some plant-based and synthetic sugars to make the vaccine.’

Vaccines are not safe and this vaccine is another genetically engineered disaster. Remember the HPV vaccine Gardasil which has killed hundreds of poor girls and boys and damaged thousands of young people worldwide.

Professor Petrovsky is hoping that his vaccine candidate can be rolled out in Victorian aged care facilities as part of Phase Two trials.

Horrifyingly the professor is currently in discussion with a nursing home called Cheltenham Manor in Victoria. This has to stop. This truly experimental vaccine is to be tested on the most vulnerable people in our community. That’s unless we can stop this.

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  1. it’s terrifying and all dystopian fiction, as well as the www seems wasted on most people.

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