The People’s Truth-a reality check

The Australian Vaccination-risks Network (AVN) is screening the Australian release of The People’s Truth this coming week. The People’s Truth is a follow-up to the 2016 controversial documentary Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe.

Directed by Brian Burrowes and produced by Tobias Tommey, the film presents some of the thousands of interviews conducted on the road and filmed in the Vaxxed Bus, a rolling memorial to those who have been killed or injured by vaccines. More than 7,000 names of children and adults affected by vaccination cover the bus, which travelled some 80,000 km during the original Vaxxed tour.

In glowing support of the film US actor and comedian Rob Schneider tweeted:

News of the US premier screening on November 6, 2019 was accompanied by the predictable fear mongering by mainstream media. The Guardian  published their anticipated assessment:

The film makes no effort to address the scientific evidence that the parents’ experiences of autism in their children have nothing to do with vaccines, or the coincidence that symptoms of autism often appear between 12 and 24 months of age, exactly when the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine is given.

There is a gallery of photographs of babies who died before their second birthdays – the film claims without offering any evidence that their deaths were caused by vaccines.

But as Robert F Kennedy Jr, the executive producer of Vaxxed 2, stated in an interview with The Guardian

the aim of the film was to give “vaccine-injured” individuals and their families a voice. Their stories are muzzled by the media, and the film in many ways is an effort to allow those families a chance to speak.

Following the AVN’s announcement of the screenings The Courier Mail wasted no time in alarming the public that the secret screenings could put kids lives at risk.

Note that Steven Miles QLD’s Health Minister stoops to fear mongering when he claims that people could die if they watch the film containing the stories of families whose children have died from vaccines. In urging Queenslanders to boycott the film he likened the screenings to a ‘real horror film’.

The AVN’s Meryl Dorey told the Courier Mail

This film tells the stories of many parents on the Vaxxed bus because their children were either injured or permanently injured by vaccines

The stories are horrific and sadly it is a real horror story. But it is one that governments all over the world are ensuring continues by mandating increasing numbers of vaccines to babies and young children.

The Australian Screenings hosted by AVN will be held in Cairns, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Northern Rivers, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Launceston and Hobart during the first week of December. Tickets available here.


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