Long COVID or Post-Vaccine Syndrome

Half a million Australians are said to be suffering from Long COVID.

Research from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington’s School of Medicine in the United States has shown that at least 17 million individuals across the 53 Member States of the WHO European Region may have suffered long COVID.

Definitions of long COVID include a list of more than 200 symptoms across ten parts of the body.

The most common and longest-lasting symptoms include brain fog and impaired memory and concentration, fatigue, headaches, tinnitus (ringing in ears), breathing difficulties, and loss of taste and smell.

Vaccinated, boosted, and previously infected people aren’t immune to Long COVID with a large study published in Nature Medicine in May finding that vaccinated people were only about 15% less likely to develop Long COVID.

It is important that we know the truth about this condition. Dr Paul Marik  states:

Although no official definition exists for ‘post-vaccine syndrome’, a temporal correlation between receiving a COVID-19 vaccine and beginning or worsening of a patient’s clinical manifestations is sufficient to diagnose as a COVID-19 vaccine-induced injury when the symptoms are unexplained by other concurrent causes.

Brianne Dressen had never had COVID-19 but she received a dose of AstraZeneca’s vaccine as a volunteer in a clinical trial. Later that evening, her vision blurred and sound became distorted:

I felt like I had two seashells on my ears, she said.

She also experienced heart rate fluctuations, severe muscle weakness, and what she describes as debilitating internal electric shocks. It wasn’t long before she came across many other people suffering similar symptoms after a COVID injection. Help for the debilitating condition has not been easy to obtain but this will hopefully change as new research has begun to study Long COVID and whether there is some connection with post-vaccine side effects.

At this point in time you are not likely to read about this very real relationship between the COVID injections and Long COVID. Most media reports concentrate on the sufferer having had a COVID infection and the issue of recent vaccination is never revealed. And as Dr Paul Marik stated at a recent Reclaiming Medicine Conference 

” As the ‘vaccine injured syndrome’ is not accepted by the medical community there are no published studies on the treatment of this pervasive disease”.

According to Dr Marik:

The problem in post-vaccine syndrome is chronic ‘immune dysregulation’.

The primary treatment goal is to help the body to restore and normalise the immune system – in other words to let the body heal itself.

Dr Marik’s first line treatments include

  1. Fasting
  2. Spermidine or Resveratrol
  3. Ivermectrin
  4. Moderation of exercise
  5. Low dose Naltrexone
  6. Melatonin
  7. Aspirin
On September 10 over 400 doctors, scientists and professionals from more than 34 countries declared an international medical crisis due to “diseases and death associated with the ‘COVID-19 vaccines”.

Launched at a press conference on Saturday, September 10th, the declaration states: “We are currently witnessing an excess in mortality in those countries where the majority of the population has received the so-called ‘COVID-19 vaccines’. To date, this excess mortality has neither been sufficiently investigated nor studied by national and international health institutions.”

Examining the reports on (i) CDC’s VAERS, (ii) the UK’s Yellow Card System, (iii) the Australian Adverse Event Monitoring System, (iv) Europe’s EudraVigilance System and (v) the WHO’s VigiAccess Database, to date there have been more than 11 million reports of adverse effects and more than 70,000 deaths co-related to the inoculation of the products known as “covid vaccines”. We know that these numbers just about represent between 1% and 10% of all real events.

It is imperative that mainstream media start to tell the truth about these disastrous injections given to the world for an ‘infectious disease’ where the viral causation has not been found or isolated.

It’s high time to end the scamdemic!

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  1. ‘It is imperative that mainstream media start to tell the truth about these disastrous injections given to the world for an ‘infectious disease’ where the viral causation has not been found or isolated.”
    Helen: The above statement is one I think may damage your credibility.
    The virus is real, the illness too. The problem is that control measures and vaccines are injurious and (age aside) do not address the common root causes of vulnerability.
    Ian Fowler

  2. Long covid was being seen long before the vaccines came out – I was glad that post viral syndrome was finally being recognised! And while I am sure the vaccines themselves have caused massive damage, we cannot blame them for everything.

    • I would like to know what definition was used for “vaccination” in this analysis in Nature Medicine. People are being considered “unvaccinated” even after 1 or 2 doses of the ‘not vaccine’. This is unscientific when you are attempting to find the cause of an illness – in this case long COVID. The administration of one dose of this mRNA technology is a plausible cause of long COVID and until there is transparent evidence of how these researchers are defining ‘vaccinated’ in their studies we cannot conclusively say that long COVID is not simply adverse-events to the injections. The claim that ‘long COVID was being seen long before the injections were rolled out’ is also unsupported. If you can support this claim with solid evidence this would be greatly appreciated Linda.

  3. Why in your title have you used the word OR?

    It is AND.

    I NEVER had the injection. I was hospitalised for “what was called” covid (note my wording). I now have miscellaneous symptoms that can be “called” long covid. But no-one will talk about what is called covid and what is called long covid.

    They keep reverting to talking about the jab. They keep blaming me for taking the jab. I NEVER had the jab.

    Or they tell me there is no such thing as covid so I have been brainwashed into creating the symptoms that had me hospitalised for two weeks, and am now brainwashed into creating the symptoms I am dealing with that are being called long covid.

    In the meantime, with all this foolishness, we are not addressing the cause of the illness that nearly killed lots of us or the cause of long covid (which is creeping up on people who think they never had covid), and one reason (the spike) why the jabs are damaging health.

    Life is not black and white. Life is full of complexities, and if we cannot analyse complex issues, we cannot move on. This issue is complex.


    • In scientific method it is important to look at the full context of the situation in which the disease symptoms develop. So unless we have knowledge of all the medications and vaccines that a person has used prior to the onset of symptoms, then it is not possible to claim that it was a “COVID virus” causing ‘Long COVID’.
      This is because in the majority of cases of COVID diagnosis it is just ‘suspected COVID’, or a positive test run at a high CT (> 30 cycle threshold). In other words, there is no empirical evidence of the ‘virus’ being present and other factors have not been investigated and ruled out with proper scientific method.
      So you are absolutely correct – this is not black and white. However, at this stage there is no transparent evidence showing that long COVID is caused by a Coronavirus and that it is not adverse events to the injection that is causing these symptoms. So ‘Or’ is correct in the title of this article.

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