No jab, no health care job

On February 19 the Health Services Amendment (Mandatory Vaccination of Healthcare Workers) Bill 2020 was introduced into the Victorian Parliament. These new laws will mean healthcare workers must be fully vaccinated with the flu vaccine each year, and must be up to date with vaccines for whooping cough, measles, chicken pox and hepatitis B.

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No vax, no visit, No way

Such rubbish!  Look after your immunity. Breast feed your baby and you are doing your very best. My family and friends were free to visit my newborn babies. This is how it should be. Do not listen to such rubbish. My frustrated exclamation was emitted in response to a ‘discussion’ on Studio 10 on July 31.  Studio 10 is an Australian morning talk show on Network 10.

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‘Gardasil: Fast-Tracked and Flawed’ The Australian experience

I presented the following talk at the 4th Annual International HPV Vaccine Education Symposium held in Chicago May 22-26, 2019. Let’s face it without good health, life is very difficult. Over the years I’ve researched the sickness industry including the scandalous HIV/AIDS industry, the cholesterol myth and the statins scam; and felt the sorrow of the poor women left in pain and debilitated after their prolapses were treated with mesh […]

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