Corruption Whistleblower Complaint

Failure of Victorian Public Health system to report adverse events from Covid-19 vaccines @ 28 March 2021

1. The core of the Complainant’s disclosure submitted by Australian lawyer and corruption whistleblower “Peter Little” (Graeme Little Ne Peter POPE), is the failure of the central linchpin of administration of experimental vaccines, namely post market surveillance.

2. The Complainant lodged a corruption complaint in relation to this issue on Friday 26 March 2021, based upon data as at 14 March 2021. The IBAC Assessment & Review team acknowledged receipt by email at 10.40am on that day.

3. This complaint updates the information by including an additional week’s data up to 21 March 2021.

4. The Australian public health system relies upon the prompt notification of all suspicious adverse events following administration of any new drug or vaccine, but particularly one that is experimental in nature and subject to provisional approval by the TGA .

5. The State of Victoria is the only mainland State which has failed to report any adverse events from the two provisionally approved Covid-19 vaccines between the commencement date of 22 February until the 21 March 2021 pursuant to the AusVaxSafety Surveillance System.  See: AusVaxSafety

6. The two vaccines are Pfizer’s Cominarty and AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine.

7. The Chart below shows the supply of adverse event notifications to the AusVaxSafety Surveillance System by the various Australian States and Territories.

8. Two States have decided not to participate at this stage, namely Victoria and Tasmania, but no reasons are given.

9. The Therapeutic Goods Administration does not appear to be concerned that these two states are withholding results of surveys of patients receiving the two Covid-19 vaccines.

10. As at 21 March 2021, 281,783 doses have been administered with only 105,585 surveys sent to vaccine recipients. The stated protocol was for the survey to be sent on the third day after vaccination.

11. Of the 71,218 responses representing 67.5% (66.1% in 14 March figures) of the 105,585 survey participants, 45.2% (39.9%) reported an adverse event as shown in Annexure A.

12. Victoria in particular led the world in the longest lockdown in world history in 2020, with an unprecedented rise in mental health.

13. Leading funeral parlour, Tobin Brothers reported in September 2020 of an alarming incidence of suicides, and actually staged a Suicide Week awareness campaign to highlight the impact of such a long lockdown in Melbourne during our colder Winter months in particular.

14. The Complainant reasonably believes the health of Victorians would be the most compromised leading into this Covid19 vaccine rollout.

15. Accordingly, the Complainant is suspicious none of the Prime actors appear to be concerned with this omission of vital Victorian safety data, which could clearly impact the level of vaccine hesitancy in the event the Victorian level of adverse events is significantly greater than the pool of National figures shown in the chart below.

16. This extraordinary lack of regulatory response comes at a time when approximately twenty countries called for a pause in their AstraZeneca rollout due to a spate of “blood clotting” adverse events.

17. In addition, the AusVaxSafety reports misleadingly notes “adverse events were similar to the adverse events for all vaccine recipients”, and that “the medical attendance rate for these vaccines is similar to that of other vaccines”.

18. In fact in the 2020 influenza season, there were 289,513 participants surveyed reporting only 5.5% adverse events compared to the 45.2% (39.9%) or NINE TIMES GREATER from the Covid-19 vaccines in 2021 as shown in Annexure B.


19. The survey also showed NEARLY FOUR TIMES as many Covid-19 participants, 1.1% (0.8%) reported seeing a doctor or an emergency department, compared to the 2020 influenza season participants of 0.3%.

20. These highly significant adverse events present an even greater dire warning to the Australian public if the AstraZeneca survey results are examined separately.

21. The Covid-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca figures as at 21 March 2021 updated 24 March 2021 show 15,060 people responded to an sms/email about their health in the three days after their vaccination as detailed in Annexure C.

22. A significant 10,684 people or 70.9% taking Covid-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca, reported any adverse event, and a highly significant 2.1% reported seeing a doctor or going to an emergency department in the days after vaccination, being SEVEN TIMES GREATER than the 2020 flu percentage . The Complainant notes these high figures exclude vaccinated Victorians.

23. The AusVaxSafety website misleadingly notes “The profile of reported events from AusVaxSafety surveillance for both Comirnaty and COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca is similar to that reported in clinical trials and from post-marketing surveillance overseas. These expected adverse events are related to the immune response to vaccination and are expected to resolve within 1-3 days after vaccination.”

24. The complainant notes the TGA requires a second set of safety data, namely Adverse Event Notifications, which are traditionally lodged by doctors or nurses, although the public is invited to report all suspicious adverse events regardless of whether their health practitioner so lodges.

25. The Complainant is alarmed with the latest results and demands an urgent investigation and assessment of this complaint. The latest TGA report of Adverse Event Notifications evidences an alarmingly high percentage of notifications from Victoria, namely 651 out of 1,508 nationally, representing a massive 43.2% of the National total, compared to NSW at 23.4%, as detailed at  See Annexure D.

26. Assuming NSW is representative of the Australia wide effect, then the Complainant estimates the percentage of “AstraZeneca vaccinated” in Victoria requiring to attend a doctor or emergency department after vaccination could be equivalent to at least 2.1% times 43.2%/23.4% equals 3.9%, or THIRTEEN TIMES HIGHER than last year’s flu results.

27. The Complainant notes that only 105,585 surveys have been forwarded to vaccine recipients out of 284,783 doses provided, representing approximately 37%. No explanation is given for failing to send surveys to the other 63% of recipients

28. Further breakdowns of survey data reveal 50,839 responses to Dose 1 surveys of Comirnaty, of which 18,310 reported adverse events representing 36%. The number reporting seeing a doctor or emergency department post vaccination was 0.7%. See Annexure E .

29. Dramatic increases occurred in second dose Comirnaty surveys with 3,210 out of 5,017 surveyed reporting adverse events, being 60.4% compared 36% after Dose 1. See Annexure F.

30. Even greater increases occurred in doctor/emergency department visits after dose 2 with 2.6% of recipients compared to 0.7% in dose 1, nearly FOUR TIMES GREATER.

This report is part of a series of five official Corruption Complaints which name and shame major players in the historic push to experimentally vaccinate all Australians with their over-marketed, patented coronavirus vaccines.

For further reading and references: See: 5- Corruption Whistleblower Complaint 

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