Unlicensed and unlisted adjuvant in the Moderna jab


The Moderna jab is an unapproved vaccine that the US Food and Drug Authority (FDA) states may prevent COVID-19. The FDA authorized the emergency use of the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

However there is another crucial ingredient that is not listed by the FDA. The Moderna injection contains an experimental adjuvant which is in the patent and is yet to be licensed for use in any human vaccine.


When the messenger RNA is injected into the body it starts to create a protein called Flagellin leading to a huge and out of control antibody response.

The higher the antibody level the more severe the reaction.

It can take up to 42 days after the injection for the reaction to occur. Severe reactions can even take months or years to show up.

See: Dr Sherri Tenpenny’s presentation 

Flagellin is found in bacteria such as Salmonella, which use it in their tails, or flagella, to propel themselves around. Sometimes it’s made by detaching the tails from bacteria – though more recently it’s become common to grow it in genetically modified cells.

41 million released doses of the vaccine have been supplied to the U.S. government to date. More than 22 million Americans have received the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine in the U.S., according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


Moderna is an unapproved vaccine that the US Food and Drug Authority (FDA) states may prevent COVID-19.

This technology has never been used before successfully to make vaccines.

This injection uses mRNA technology. In this case the mRNA codes for a protein on the SARS-COV2 virus called a spike protein. The mRNA against the spike protein has been stabilised or altered which makes it a synthetic mRNA.

It is not the original mRNA specific to a SARS-COV2 virus. It is synthetic mRNA.

There are similarities in proteins between the synthetic spike protein and the antibody produced, and parts of the kidneys, brain, lungs, hearts, and the reproductive systems. The body will mount an immune response against the synthetic spike protein leading to a cytokine storm and increase in inflammation and autoimmunity.

According to Dr Larry Pavlesky:

This is not just another vaccine.

It doesn’t behave like a vaccine at all

We have no evidence to that this will behave like a vaccine.

A vaccine needs to develop an antibody to give us immunity to a virus or bacterium

A vaccine must provide us with protection against the virus

A vaccine needs to reduce the number of deaths from the infection

A vaccine has to help reduce the circulation of the virus or bacteria we are vaccinating against

A vaccine must reduce the transmission from one person to another

We have no evidence that this technology will work like a vaccine. It doesn’t behave like a vaccine at all

The injection has not been tested to see if it will create the cytokine storms which we know are already happening in the community.

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