Proof of virus existence was not demonstrated

“We are living in fear of contagion but maybe we should be paying attention to the quality of air, water, and non-native electromagnetic frequencies we are exposed to”

This presentation by Dr Thomas Cowan helps us understand our current health crisis.

He asks us to consider this question: how do we know that this new set of symptoms is an infectious disease?

Cowan states that just because these symptoms are spreading or that a lot of people have the same symptoms is not evidence of an infection. That is not proof.

His next question is: How do we know that these symptoms are caused by an infection?

Cowan discusses Koch’s postulates: the standard by which scientists and doctors have long determined infectious diseases. But these have not been applied in this case of COVID 19.

Koch’s Postulates

If you have a set of symptoms: high fever, rash, stiff neck, and are sicker than you’ve ever been and nothing is done you will die in a few days for example, in the case of meningococcal meningitis

If you examine the blood of all the people with meningococcus then 100% of them will grow out the bacteria meningococcal in their blood

No normal people will have this growing in their blood because having this disease in their blood is not compatible with life

When you take meningococcus and purify it and then you inject it into another person or animal, 100% will get sick and have same symptoms

You can do this with a virus as well.

For example people with chicken pox have the same symptoms as each other: 100% of those with chicken pox will have millions of copies of the virus in their blood and in their vesicular fluid. These millions of viruses can be seen on electron microscope. The culture is then purified and an animal will be exposed and will get the same symptoms.

This is how we prove there is an infective agent.

So what should have happened with this new coronavirus?

When it was discovered that there were many people with a new set of symptoms the authorities should have called up a virologist or an organisation such as the CDC to inform them of the possibility of a new disease and request that they find the cause.

In this case these people with COVID 19 don’t have particularly unusual symptoms. They have low grade fever and a dry cough. This set of symptoms is fairly common however.

What should have happened next is that these people with the new set of symptoms were examined to see if they all have millions of copies of this new coronavirus in their blood and lung tissue. According to Cowan this did not happen.

They did examine their sputum and found what they stated was a coronavirus as well as other viruses, debris and proteins. They said the virus they saw was a new virus. But they failed to demonstrate that these sick people had millions of copies of this new virus in their blood or lung tissue. They should have taken a similar number of normal people without the symptoms around the same age and health status to see if they had this particular coronavirus in their blood or secretions. The result should be zero. As far as Cowan knows this was not done.

This is a real problem. They did not attempt to purify the virus

Instead what they did was to take the respiratory secretions containing the ‘new’ virus along with other viruses and toxic stuff and put it down that throat of some poor animals. Some became sick but not all of them. Then they used mice but because they did not all become ill they used some genetically defective mice and these got sick.

This doesn’t sound like proof to me

The RT PCR test

This is a surrogate test and is not intended for identification of viruses. What happens in this test:

A piece of RNA is turned into DNA by the process of reverse transmission.

They postulate if you have evidence of that DNA that means you have infection with that organism

But the problem is that if you haven’t proved that there is infection with the organism in the first place, as Cowan has detailed, you are not able to use this test to demonstrate infection.

They have not proved the virus existence so this testing is not possible.

What does this test show?

It is said that this coronavirus is in the bodies of people who are sick but not all of them. The DNA is amplified through cycles. This copies the original RNA. There is no way to know how many are false positives. If the amplification is 35 times then it is not enough.

If the amplification is done 60 times then everyone is positive

so you have to find the ‘sweet spot’

in other words amplification at 37 times you start to find it, 40 cycles is too many

lets say you do the test and set the number of cycles

a low number of false positives at 39 cycles of 1% means that if you test 30 million people you will get 300,000 will be positive and then you have an epidemic

The test is totally manipulated.

The ramifications of this manipulation is there for all of us to see and experience as we live in our shutdown world. Media hysteria, social distancing, proliferation of people donned with masks and gloves. Governments spending millions on hospital protective gear and ventilators that so far in Australia are idle.

And Thomas Cowan continues his controversial presentation:

We have millions of different viruses living in every orifice, crack, blood and cell living in our body…viruses are messengers.

There is nothing to fear from viruses, they are made by us and live within us.

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