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11am, September 5 was the date and time set for the Freedom Day events around Australia. This photo of a man forcibly held by Victoria Police depicts what is expected of us, SILENCE.

At the Shrine of Remembrance the cops aggressively seized this citizen who was exercising his rights to walk in a public place, forcing a mask over his mouth. Forget the coronavirus. It is the truth they are attempting to suppress here. Masks are a symbol of oppression, submission and fear.

The protest had been cancelled the day before the scheduled event following a week where many organisers, and others who merely posted the event were arrested. Facebook groups warned those intending to attend that it was a trap set by police. Media announced there would be a mighty police presence at the events and that the main roads would be blockaded. In response many who were planning on going did not attend.

What were we protesting?

Melbourne has been living in some form of lockdown since the end of March. We are now in Stage 4 lockdown which includes:

  • A curfew is in place between the hours of 8pm until 5am. The only reasons to leave home between 8pm and 5am will be work, medical care and caregiving.
  • The only four reasons that you can leave home are for shopping for food or other essential items and for one hour exercise a day.
  • Social distancing
  • Mandatory mask wearing
  • Only one person from a household can do the shopping
  • Travel is limited to 5KM from home
  • Childcare and school cancelled
  • Work permits must be carried at all times
  • Industry and unessential retail cancelled
  • Libraries and churches closed
  • No family visits

Victoria is a police state. That is why we were there on Saturday.

The day began peacefully with many of us walking around the grounds of the Shrine of Remembrance in St Kilda Rd, Melbourne. This was no usual protest. There were no speeches or loud music and less banners and placards than one usually sees on such an occasion. But we were there in our hundreds and as we walked acknowledged each other. It remained a silent protest until the masses of cops moved in. Slowly and surely they targeted their prey. A young man without a mask was approached and tackled to the ground while his female companion screamed abuse at them. Nearby a woman with a placard saying ‘end the lockdown’ was turned away and her words confiscated lest anyone got to read her entreaty. Over in the distance could be seen masses of mounted police surrounding a large gathering of protesters many of whom were arrested.

This is not about a virus at all.

Victoria where I have lived all my life is no longer ‘ The place to be’ or ‘The world’s most liveable city’. Many are leaving and more of us wish we would or could. This destruction of our state has been well and truly organised. Now we are to remain in state 4 lockdown for two more weeks after September 13, the date previously set to unshackle us. The curfew will remain in place until October 26 and retail will not open up until November 24 depending on the number of ‘cases’ down to zero.

We will not be silent and protests in some form or other will continue until the truth is told to all. There is no COVID-19. This destruction of the world as we have known it is part of Agenda 20-30.
Victoria was chosen to be the showpiece totalitarian state of Australia.

First it was social distancing and isolation, then came the masks, next it’s the COVID vaccine.

Whereas 9/11 required us to submit to pat downs of our physical person at airports, court houses and other public places, the COVID19 pandemic will end with every American submitting to a scan of their digital healthcare history. Unless the people reject this system we are headed for…

  • An age of “social distancing” and fractured unity.
  • An age of agenda-driven shaming and blaming
  • An age of suspicion and “show your papers”
  • An age of lock downs, tracking, tagging and monitoring.

Enough is enough.

When will you stand up?

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