The Virus Debate

There is division over the existence of the virus between certain doctors of the Freedom movement and Dr’s Tom Cowan, Andrew Kaufman, Mark Bailey and Kevin Corbett. The four doctors intend to invite virologists from the freedom community to illustrate the validity of their procedures in isolation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the sequencing of the genome.

They plan to use five different laboratories where the scientists will be given anonymous samples such as the virus in question and other samples from people with different health conditions and diseases.

The four doctors took part in this recent interview on Planned Illusion

Settling the virus debate is absolutely crucial to where the world goes next. Is it germ theory or terrain theory? Will the populations continue to be mandated more injections against viruses which have not been isolated and proven to exist and cause disease?

According to Dr Kevin Corbett:

The germ theory approach is a way of diagnosing and categorising people with modern technology that have no bearing on the wellness of the individual. The proper research has not been done.

If we are to take issue with the virus causation of disease then how do we explain the presence of bacteria at the site of infection. Does the bacteria cause the illness?

Dr Tom Cowan uses the example of a sexually transmitted disease (STD) – Gonorrhoea. Cowan acknowledges the presence of the bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae but questions if it causes the disease.

There are no studies that prove that purified bacteria cause any disease in a human being.

Show me one study that purified bacteria causes any disease in a human disease. As far as we can tell there is not one study. Therefore all you can say at this point is that there is no scientific evidence that such a phenomena exists.

Regarding STD’s there is a certain toxicity, a discharge and a certain energetic resonance and other possibilities.

In the case of Herpes there is a theory that rather than a viral causation it may have to do with collagen deficiency and the presence of weak tissues which are very vulnerable during times of sexual activity.

I think we should study this- Tom Cowan

The COVID-19 pandemic is certainly stimulating important debates. Does germ theory exist or is it terrain.

Let the debate begin!

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