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No return to normal without a vaccine

‘There is no return to normal without a vaccine. Only COVID normal.’ This chilling threat was made and reiterated numerous times by Daniel Andrews, the Premier of the state of Victoria. Integral to the Global Reset is a COVID vaccine for the entire population despite the fact that the coronavirus has not been isolated. Nevertheless Agenda ID2020 brought to you by an alliance of public-private partners, including UN agencies and […]

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Our new world order

Victorian children will return to school in two weeks time. Asked in a radio interview how long social distancing and other precautionary measures would be in place a school principal replied ‘until there is a vaccine’. Can you imagine mandatory coronavirus vaccines for everyone? Just think about this prospect. Of course this is the ultimate conclusion to the coronavirus scam. And it is a scam. But will the world wake […]

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The emperer has no clothes!

Little over a month ago I could travel the world but this easter weekend I can be fined for visiting my family, courtesy of the 2015 Biosecurity Act. On 18 March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 outbreak in Australia,┬áthe Governor-General declared that a human biosecurity emergency exists.┬áThe declaration gives the Minister for Health expansive powers to issue directions and set requirements in order to combat the outbreak. This is […]

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