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Frailty is a feminist issue

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Germaine Greer has once again started a conversation that we need to have. The Australian feminist, author and academic declared that ‘Feminism is ageist and that the Abbott governments’ “attacks” on pensioners make aged care one of the most pressing feminist issues facing Australia today.’ Germaine Greer was speaking at the All About Women festival which was marking international women’s day at the Sydney Opera House in March. ‘Feminism,’ she added, ‘was like the media, ageist and focused on young women of reproductive age in relationships to the exclusion of children and the elderly.’ Continue reading


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Every gun is a theft from those who hunger

Screen shot 2013-10-12 at 5.38.36 PMAbigail Bray is the author of Misogyny Re-loaded. Recently I spoke with her about her explosive manifesto where she links the present era of sexual sadism to the rise of an authoritarian militarised violence.  Continue reading

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The hurt that accompanies the denial of ageing

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It’s not surprising that our media is devoid of stories and pictures of old women. These days you are severely discouraged from becoming old and showing it. When the issue of ageing and my arrival at this stage of life arises in family conversation, I am duly told that I am not old. Sure I’m not really, really old, but I have entered the seventh decade of my life. Continue reading

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The mainstreaming of domestic violence

As many as 700,000 Australian workers now have access to paid domestic violence leave and many more are poised to get it. This world-first workplace initiative is attracting keen interest from overseas and according to Ludo McFerran, a campaigner against family violence, Australia is being applauded for it. I have a real problem with domestic violence being treated in this manner. Continue reading

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From empowerment to Women’s Liberation

The tragic rape and senseless murder of Brunswick woman Jillian Meagher  reminds us that women are still  not free from male violence.   Continue reading


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Liberation not empowerment

My great, great-grandmother is 90 years old but still she holds the baby. Continue reading


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Female writers do it tough




Literary editor of The Age, Jason Steger has written that while ‘female writers are still doing it tough’, data produced by Bookseller & Publisher shows the situation is improving – at least on Sundays with The Sunday Age percentage split between men and women 45-55 and the Sunday Territorian 50-50. Continue reading

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On the subject of abortion

If you dare to question abortion rights be prepared to be denied the support of mainstream feminism. Continue reading

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Pornography as popular culture

Continue reading


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