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Anzac Day, Propaganda, and the Making of Endless Wars


Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 5.42.51 PMAnzac Day will soon be upon us and publicity surrounding the centenary has reached fever pitch. But what is really going on?

Last wednesday, I attended a forum Anzac Day: Past, Present and Future   held at the Camberwell Civic Centre where Professors Joe Camilleri and Marilyn Lake were joined by Ted Baillieu, Serdar Baycan, Neil Smith and Claire Chisholm in an ABC-style Q&A discussion on the history and future of Anzac Day. Continue reading


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Every gun is a theft from those who hunger

Screen shot 2013-10-12 at 5.38.36 PMAbigail Bray is the author of Misogyny Re-loaded. Recently I spoke with her about her explosive manifesto where she links the present era of sexual sadism to the rise of an authoritarian militarised violence.  Continue reading

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Women of Prehistroy cvr 1 Invisible Women of Prehistory by Judy Foster with Marlene Derlet, restores one’s faith in human existence. Patriarchal capitalism is not inevitable! Greed, male violence against women, the earth, and endless wars did not exist 6000 years ago.

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Seeking Palestine:New Palestinian Writing on Exile and Home

According to Karma Nabulsi, although the recent breathtaking demonstrations from Jordan to Yemen- the Arab Spring uprisings were a sign of dramatic revolutionary change, in occupied Palestine things appear much the same. Continue reading

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Technology’s Quiet Revolution for Women

‘Social media is just the latest in a long line of technologies that have been driving profound changes in civil society,’ claims Isobel Coleman, one of the 30 contributors to The Unfinished Revolution: Voices from the Global Fight for Women’s Rights.  Continue reading

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