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Irish Gardasil girl sues Merck and the state

In 7 months the recorded adverse events arising after Gardasil vaccination have gone from 73,000 to over 83,000.
Irish woman takes Merck, the health department and the state to court. As the school year begins please do your research into Gardasil 9.

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Irish parents of ‘Gardasil Girls’ labelled “emotional terrorists”

Irish parents and girls who have become seriously unwell after their HPV vaccine shots are involved in a fierce battle with their government. Last week the HSE, the Irish Health  Service labelled girls with chronic health problems following their vaccination “emotional terrorists”. Irish philanthropist Jonathan Irwin in a letter to Tony O’ Brien of the HSE points out that he is one of the “emotional terrorists” for as a parent of […]

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Gardasil Girls

Laura is one of the Irish ‘Gardasil Girls’. She was a normal active teenager and an“asset in the classroom,” said her mother. After her first Gardasil shot, Laura became unwell and required her mother to pick her up from school. When she complained of dizziness, headache and nausea, she was told this was normal. Her condition worsened after her second vaccination to such an extent that she soon was unable to attend school. According to her […]

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