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Joan Shenton, Producer and Andi Reiss, Producer/Director of Sacrificial Virgins are proposing to make another trilogy “Infertile – the epidemic” along with Helen Lobato, researcher/writer from Australia. This is in the early stages of discussion. It is hoped that there will be three 10-minute documentaries concentrating on issues surrounding infertility and impotence after HPV vaccination.

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Another customer base for Gardasil

In 2014 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Gardasil 9 for use in males and females aged 9 through to 26 years. And as the US market for Gardasil declines there is a new customer base for this dangerous vaccine. On October 5 2018 the FDA approved Gardasil 9 for use in women and men aged 27 through 45 years. This is a very strange move owing to the fact […]

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