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Why porn?

At the mention of Big Porn Inc,  grown men wriggled and squirmed uncomfortably in their seats. Big Porn Inc : Exposing the Harms of the Global Pornography Industry had made The Australian Education Publishing Awards shortlist as a Secondary Reference Resource and the winner was about to be announced. Continue reading


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Don’t do it!

This article was prompted by another woeful story of sex abuse committed by Catholic church priests. An episode of the ABC’s Four Corners,  Unholy Silence investigated the abuse involving many children such as altar boy Damien who was fondled and sodomised by Father F and whose life went off the rails precipitating a tragic, early death. For the following few days the program and its graphic material instigated and fed much of the media commentary. But that’s as far as it gets. Until the next story of abuse and then the next one.

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Limiting the Medicare rebate for genital surgery is a good move

In parts of Africa, women are tied down and mutilated while in Australia women receive the Medicare rebate for genital surgery Continue reading

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Pornography as popular culture

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Western women choose genital mutilation

Feminists and human rights activists continue to campaign to stop female genital mutilation, a procedure that intentionally excises female genital tissue leading to problems such as frequent bladder infections, childbirth complications and the risk of later surgery. Continue reading

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