The ‘precariat’

‘It’s a global phenomenon so widespread that a new name has been coined for it: the precariat,’ wrote workplace editor Clay Lucas in The Age, 21 March. Precariat is a term describing the millions of people who finding themselves without job security are forced to take insecure, poorly paid and precarious jobs.

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Is it the end of shopping?

As the Federal Government readies itself to announce the details of the long – deliberated carbon tax, the Climate Change Minister, Greg Combet reassures the voters that the government remains addicted to strong economic growth.
But is business as usual really possible in our post-carbon world?

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Parliamentary Democracy

Should we legitimize Julia Gillard’s caretaker position and turn her into our elected Prime Minister? What will it mean for us – the public? Will we get our concerns heard? Voting in Australian elections is compulsory for those of us over 18 years of age.We are compelled to vote in federal, state and local elections but are our voices heard.

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