Dan Andrews Unmasked – a book review

For those in Victoria and others less affected by lock-downs Dan Andrews Unmasked is a must read. Written by Geoff Shaw dubbed “rogue, rorter, rebel and maverick”, the former politician and business man unmasks Dan Andrews, the premier of Australia’s second most populated state.

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They’re cartoonists, that’s what they do

In an image posted to his Instagram account, cartoonist Michael Leunig drew a lone protester standing in front of a loaded syringe, mimicking the iconic “tank man” image of protest in China. An inset of the 1989 photo also appears in Leunig’s drawing. “Brilliant” and “spot on” applauded his fans.  Others described it as “pretty bad taste” and were disgusted that Leunig dare compare resistance to mandatory vaccination as being […]

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No return to normal without a vaccine

‘There is no return to normal without a vaccine. Only COVID normal.’ This chilling threat was made and reiterated numerous times by Daniel Andrews, the Premier of the state of Victoria. Integral to the Global Reset is a COVID vaccine for the entire population despite the fact that the coronavirus has not been isolated. Nevertheless Agenda ID2020 brought to you by an alliance of public-private partners, including UN agencies and […]

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