The PM’s childlessness

The media is inclined to represent women as saints or virgins, whores or mothers. However our Prime Minister does not belong to any of the above groupings. But fortunately for Julia Gillard she does belong to another group. Our first female PM belongs to the increasingly large cohort of women who have chosen to remain childless.

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So who are you going to vote for?

The news today that President Obama had called Kevin Rudd before he called Julia Gillard doesn’t surprise me. Obama was rightly shocked over the dumping of his Australian colleague as we all were and still are. How do you just dump a Prime Minister? Sure opposition leaders are regularly disposed of in Australian politics: Beazley, Crean, Hewson, Turnbull -the list is very long. But this has got to be a […]

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After the “coup d’etat”

Photo: Julia Gillard on HMAS Broome, The Age 8/7/10 It is two weeks since the ‘coup d’etat’ that removed Kevin Rudd from the office of Prime Minister of Australia and saw Julia Gillard sworn in as our first female PM. There was ‘rejoicing on the streets’ and women urged their daughters to aim high. What has our first female PM achieved in this short time? Her first week in office […]

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