Anti-vaccine or pro choice

Remember we are not ‘pro-choice’ we are ‘anti-vaccine’ – Dr Heather Wolfson

Such a powerful video and an amazing couple who are anti-vaccine and proud of it.


Does the choice of words matter?

I found myself wondering as I watched the Drs Wolfson present their compelling arguments for why they are anti vaccine.


What does it mean to be anti vaccine?

That the very practice of vaccination is misguided so that it doesn’t matter if you spread out the vaccines you give your child or how many times they say their vaccines are safe and effective. Or if they make ‘safer’ vaccines, the whole basis for vaccination is totally flawed.

And for that and the following reasons you can’t be pro choice in relation to vaccination because it doesn’t make sense.


Vaccination protection doesn’t last

Whereas natural immunity continues over time. There are two parts to the immune system.


Cellular immune system 

When a new virus enters the body it distorts the cells whereupon the body begins its attack and produces a cell mediated immune response.

This system consists of white blood cells which attack the infected cells, chewing them up and spitting them out – this is ‘snot’.

This process takes about 5-10 days and over this time we consider the person affected ‘sick’. We are seeing much less of this natural disease process. When we interfere with nature or as author Thomas Cowan describes as ‘thwarting of the sequence’ then we have the development of chronic disease. Vaccines cause a distortion in the immune response leading to autoimmune disease and cancer.


Humoral immune system 

The humoral system which responds by making antibodies to the virus is also activated taking place after the cell mediated response. If the child meets a particular virus again then he/she will not get sick. This production of antibodies takes place around 6-8 weeks after the infection.

When we vaccinate there is no cell mediated immune response.


Vaccines provoke an antibody reaction

The immunity wears off and boosters are required. For the vaccine to stimulate humoral immunity, that is to produce antibodies, adjuvants such as aluminium or other irritants such as formaldehyde and mercury are necessary. But these additives are neurotoxins and have no place in the human body.


Vaccination is flawed and dangerous.

And it destroys precious natural immunity.


Natural Immunity


Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 11.09.05 AM

As more vaccines are rapidly added to the vaccination schedule what is happening to natural immunity?

In Vaccination Illusion: How vaccination compromises our natural immunity and what we can do to regain our health, Tetyana Obukhanych, Ph.D. discusses how

Vaccination does not lead to permanent immunity

Before the practice of vaccination:

Infants were protected from these diseases by maternal immunity, whereas adults were protected by their own life-long immunity, which they had acquired in the childhood. The use of vaccines changed this.

Today, mothers who are vaccinated are unable to pass valuable protective antibodies on to their babies. Take the case of the MMR vaccine which has been available since the 1960s. Prior to this time, babies had maternal protection from measles via their unvaccinated mothers. They were protected from such infectious diseases by the maternal influence until they were older and able to cope with a case of the wild measles which would give them life long immunity. This sadly is no longer the case and new young mothers who were vaccinated with the MMR and everything else on the schedule are unable to pass on natural immunity.


In the words of Dr Sherri Tenpenny:

“True health cannot come from a needle. Injecting people with something to try to keep them well is a 200 year mistake.”

It is time to admit the mistake that is the practice of vaccination and return to natural immunity. Past generations did not vaccinate. Sanitation and better living conditions were responsible for the decline in infectious diseases and deaths, not vaccines. Being pro-choice and seeking safer vaccines or choosing one over another does not help this situation. Being anti vaccine is the sane response to the vaccination era.











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