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A must-see documentary: ‘Manufactured Crisis – HPV, Hype & Horror’

Sixteen year-old girls are going into ovarian dysfunction. Let me put that clearly for you in simple terms. That means a sixteen-year-old girl is going into menopause which is criminal. — A passionate mother speaking in Manufactured Crisis – HPV, Hype & Horror There is no other industry in this world that has that kind of protection. They make their products not subject to any legal liability and then they […]

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Another blow for teen health as Gardasil is approved for Irish boys

Slowly but surely boys are being included in HPV vaccination programs throughout the world. At present there are 84 government-funded HPV vaccination programmes where 18 countries which include Canada, Slovenia, the United States, New Zealand, Australia and Italy are now vaccinating boys along with girls. Early this month the Irish government joined these countries and voted to include the HPV vaccine for teenage boys. In Ireland the uptake of the […]

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