A new HPV vaccine is approved amid global concerns over Gardasil


Screen shot 2014-12-28 at 7.38.33 PMThe FDA has approved a new Human Papilloma Vaccine covering 9 strains of HPV. The approval of this vaccine, to be marketed as Gardasil 9 is of great concern for it has double the amount of the aluminium adjuvant – a neurotoxin – as Gardasil. The new HPV vaccine contains 500 mcg of aluminium per dose, whereas Gardasil – the present HPV vaccine contains 225mcg. There have been no long-term studies performed to determine the health effects of this amount of aluminium on children, and if approved for use in Australia, on receipt of three doses, children will receive 1,500 mcg of aluminium over a period of less than a year.

In April 2007, Australia introduced the Gardasil vaccine to Australian girls aged 12-16 years. This was immediately followed by young women becoming ill with serious side effects. To date, Australia’s database of adverse event notifications(DAEN) has recorded over 1991 suspected side effects following the cervical cancer vaccination. In the U.S. the total number of adverse health effects stands at over 37000 with 180 deaths and 7447 girls and young women whose health never recovered. Due to the lack of mandatory reporting, only between 1 per cent and 10 per cent of adverse reactions are ever recorded, so unfortunately we are really looking at much higher figures.

A year ago I interviewed Kristin Clulow, a young woman who became severely ill after being injected with Gardasil. Before her vaccination Kristin was fit and healthy: The 26 year-old from Newcastle had a business degree, lots of friends, and a great life. In 2008 Kristin began her HPV vaccinations and it was after her second dose that her health began to unravel, beginning with a temporary but frightening loss of vision accompanied by changes to her mobility in that she could no longer run, jump or dance and was unable to wear her beloved high heels. And that wasn’t all! Suddenly her handwriting failed her: ‘Handwriting just doesn’t suddenly go,’ said Kristin. But even worse was to come; for soon she was slurring her speech. ‘They thought I’d had a stroke’. Her doctors put her severe symptoms down to stress and even claimed she was making it all up!

With such disdain from her medical providers, Kristin’s concerned parents took her to see a neurologist who diagnosed her with Multiple Sclerosis treating her with Methylprednisolone but without success. Kristin then saw a Sydney neurologist who took one look at her and asked if she’d been given any vaccines recently – he was already treating many young women with the same debilitating symptoms as Kristin who’d also been vaccinated with Gardasil.

Meanwhile Kristin continued to deteriorate, developing hallucinations and tremors, with her right-sided weakness now extending to her left. Her cerebellum had ceased to function, she had severe damage to her nervous system, and her immune system was so adversely affected that she succumbed to every passing illness. This time the prescribed treatment was Immunoglobulin or human plasma, prepared from the serum of between 1000 and 15, 000 donors per batch. Kristin received lengthy and expensive health care and after years of ill-health was able to return to university and complete her teaching degree.

Kristin cares deeply for girls harmed by Gardasil and the fact that so many of them are not accessing the doctors, the diagnostic tests and the treatment that she received. It had taken her three years for doctors to recognise that the HPV vaccine – Gardasil had caused her symptoms. Today in the public sphere there exists a paucity of understanding about this vaccine and such a deafening silence prevails in the mainstream media that many vaccine – damaged women and girls are unaware of the treatment that Kristin accessed.

Gardasil is a vaccine that is said to protect against four strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV), two of which are believed to be associated with the development of cervical cancer. However there is no evidence of a causal link between HPV and cervical cancer. There may be an association, but the causal link has not been established. HPV is a very common virus, so much so that most of us have it at some time during our lives, but it usually clears the body in 8-14 months.

In Australia, around 700 women are diagnosed every year with cervical cancer and more than 200 women die of the disease annually. However, it is important to understand that cervical cancer is one of the most preventable and curable of all cancers. Furthermore the incidence, prevalence and mortality rate from cervical cancer has fallen markedly in Australia since 1991 due to the great success of the National Cervical Screening Program. Most of the 200 women who still die are over 50 years of age and at the time of diagnosis have never had a Pap smear.

Whether the HPV vaccine will prevent even one case of cancer remains to be seen. Cervical cancer develops slowly so it will be 10 to 15 years or more before any real drop in cervical cancer infections will be visible.  And even then we won’t know for sure that it is due to the HPV vaccine. In other words the vaccine is still unproven, but it does have the potential to injure, maim, or even kill the children and young adults who receive it. ‘Girls are dying and many are ending up with permanent disability. The vaccine is still being promoted by health officials,’ said a passionate Kristin.

Other nations are beginning to question their HPV vaccination programs for on June 14 2013 the Japanese Health Ministry issued a nationwide notice that the so-called ‘cervical cancer’ vaccinations should not be recommended for girls aged 12 to 16. This precautionary move followed reports of 1,968 cases of possible adverse effects including body pain, numbness and paralysis.

Unlike Japan, Australian health authorities have not taken any action to ensure the safety of its young girls and boys. It is therefore of great concern that we have yet another HPV vaccine- Gardasil 9 which may be given to our young children- this one even more toxic!






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