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Is the future hyperlocal?

I  look forward to the delivery of my daily newspaper. The thud as the bundle of pages strikes the driveway or lands in the bushes  signals the dawning of a new day. But sadly this comfort will soon be gone. But does this really matter?

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Seeking Palestine:New Palestinian Writing on Exile and Home

According to Karma Nabulsi, although the recent breathtaking demonstrations from Jordan to Yemen- the Arab Spring uprisings were a sign of dramatic revolutionary change, in occupied Palestine things appear much the same. Continue reading

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We need to talk about the media’s portrayal of sex work

Last week I caught up with the  movie Careless Love.  Written by John Duigan it’s about a Sydney university student called Linh played by Nammi Le who works at night as a sex worker to help her immigrant family with their mortgage. Basically it’s just a contemporary expose of a university student/prostitute’s life without any analysis of the institution that is prostitution. Continue reading


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