Two more sleeps until election day

It's been a long five weeks for Julia

After five weary weeks we head to the polls this saturday. The ‘he said, she said‘ campaign that followed the untimely removal of the former Prime Minister, will soon end- but just who and what is the election about ?  When Gough Whitlam came into power in 1972, it was definitely ‘time’ for a change from the Liberals who in all  their various guises had worn us out and when Kevin Rudd took over  the Lodge we were very thankful to see the back of John Howard.

Jay Rosen is Professor of Journalism at New York University who refers to our current campaign as an example of  ‘he said, she said’  journalism. According to Rosen when there is a ‘dispute’ which is reported by the media, the two sides and their respective views are aired but there is no real effort made to verify the truth. Over the last five weeks this is exactly what we have been putting up with and at this very moment I am watching Lateline on the ABC where Tony Jones is talking to the Finance minister Chris Bowen and the shadow minister Andrew Robb. However I am no more the wiser about who should run this country for all I am hearing is  ‘he said’, and then ‘he said’ and  the same old issues stay safe on the permissable surface. What lays beneath I have to wonder. Two more sleeps to go.

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