So who are you going to vote for?

The news today that President Obama had called Kevin Rudd before he called Julia Gillard doesn’t surprise me. Obama was rightly shocked over the dumping of his Australian colleague as we all were and still are.

How do you just dump a Prime Minister? Sure opposition leaders are regularly disposed of in Australian politics: Beazley, Crean, Hewson, Turnbull -the list is very long. But this has got to be a first when a Prime Minister who has brought the party to government after years on the opposition benches is so swiftly disposed of.

We will most likely be voting in August and at this stage it is predicted that  an election would see a swing of 0.7 per cent against the government on 2007. I’m surprised that polls aren’t reflecting a bigger swing against the Gillard government. Her mistakes are mounting.

Prime Minister Gillard wrote an opinion piece in The Age today called Our security is at stake in Afghanistan in which she asserts that ‘A NATIONAL government has no more important task than defending the nation, its people and their interest’. Gillard maintains that our troops are in Afghanistan ‘to combat the threat of international terrorism.’  Time to tell the troops and the voters why we are really involved in this ‘war’, Julia.

John Foster author of  A Pipeline Through A Troubled Land – Afghanistan, Canada, and the New Great Energy Game, writes that ‘Afghanistan is a strategic piece of real estate in the geopolitical struggle for power and dominance in the region.’ For this so-called ‘war’ tens of thousands of Afghans have been killed, displaced and many of these are now rightly seeking refuge in our country.

So isn’t it time that the truth is exposed and how about bringing our troops home, Julia.
And back to the problem of who to vote for. The answer may well be no-one.

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