Australia’s latest coup d’etat

Does it matter if our Prime Minister is Julia Gillard or Kevin Rudd or the next power hungry politician who stabs his colleague in the back when real power belongs to corpulent multinationals companies. Yeates and Sharp (The Age, 25th June) report that the mining tycoons admit their role in the fall of the former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd saying that “the industry-led opposition to the resources tax was the main reason for the leadership coup”. Rudd was not willing to back down or negotiate on the 40 per cent mining profit tax and the miners proved to be all powerful using their vast resources on advertising and scaring the electorate who are investors first and foremost. Now it is up to Gillard to negotiate with the mining industry to resolve the resource super-profits tax crisis.
Gillard’s ascension to the Lodge is really a victory for capitalism and the status quo and it doesn’t matter that she is a woman at all- as long as she delivers the goods to those who are ultimately in control – the multinationals.

‘In a time of universal deceit-telling the truth is a revolutionary act.’(George Orwell)

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  1. I think Julia has the balls to resist !

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